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15 Health and Fitness Habits You Should Start Doing This Year


05 Feb 15 Health and Fitness Habits You Should Start Doing This Year

Health and Fitness Habits That Really Works!

Staying fit is a part of living a healthy life both physically and mentally. Fitness and healthy eating habits are both a huge part of my lifestyle that helps me stay in shape, keeps me away from illness and focused as an entrepreneur. There are numerous benefits of favouring daily balanced health and fitness habits. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you must have noticed that I cover a ton of articles that revolve around health and fitness habits. And today, I was inspired to share my health and fitness tips after I read an article online. A recent study indicated that people who live a healthy and fit lifestyle in their twenties end up spending a healthier life in the later stage of their life. So, here I am, sharing my personal health and fitness habits that every twenty-something, thirty-something women and even men should implement!

Check out my top 15 health and fitness habits that you should start doing this year.

1| Follow an Exercise Regimen You Actually Love


Rather than dragging yourself to the gym everyday, listen to your body and figure out the best exercise routine for yourself. There are various types of workout routines such as kickboxing, yoga, dancingwhich I LOVE, aerobics etc, – pick the one that interests you the most. The important thing is to have fun with it andhealth and wellness willfollow.

2| Drink Up


The greatest health tip I can give you is to keep yourself hydrated this year. I drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day to stay hydrated. So, make it a point to drink a lot of fluids this year. Water can help manage weight, boost mood and also helps in flushing out harmful toxins to keep your disease-free.

3| Take a Break


It’s important to give yourself a break from all the exercising and healthy eating habits too. Once a week, forget about working out and treat yourself by eating what you love and make that a resting day.  I know it is hard, especially when you are too busy like me but trust me you need it.

4| Cut Back on Sugar

15-Health-and-Fitness-Habits-You-Should-Start-Doing-This-Year-cut back-on-sugar

We all know that excess sugar can be bad for the body which is why you should cut back on sugary treats immediately. Excess sugar items can cause major healthy problems. It can increase weight and cause diabetes. So, cut down on soda, candies, donuts and everything that has sugar in it. You don’t have to snub it completely, but start eating in moderation. Trust me, when you go a week without sugar, your body will feel the difference and will thank you for it.

5| Stand Up More


Experts suggest that we can burn more calories by simply standing up than sitting. While in the office, walk around or stand up whenever you get the chance.

6| Take the Stairs


My favorite fitness tip is to ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. Challenge yourself and opt for the tough option. Walk to the nearby stores rather than travelling in your car. These small activities can benefit your body in the long run.

7| Lemon Water


Lemon has many health benefits which include naturally maintaining good health and wellness. Half a lemon squeezed in warm water is an awesome immunity booster, I got into this habit after watching Dr Oz. Drink this water every morning for a stomach healthy, improving mood and controlling weight.

8| Don’t Skip Your Breakfast


Skipping breakfast is the worse meal to skip and can cause a ton of health issues. No matter how much you exercise or eat healthy, if you regularly skip breakfast, it’s all going to fire back. So, rather than having a heavy meal in the evening, have a health-filled breakfast in the morning. Soon you’ll see the difference in your body and how you feel about this healthy eating habit.

9| Chuck All The Junk


If you have decided to eat healthy for good, I suggest you get rid of all the trigger food items sitting in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Replace those calorie-filled snack bars and chips with healthier snacks and protein bars instead.

10| Get Adequate Sleep


None of these healthy and wellness tips would matter if you don’t sleep properly. Lack of sleep is the biggest cause of stress, so be sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

11| Drink a Glass of Water before Every Meal


You may have heard that drinking cold water after a meal is extremely unhealthy but what would you do to stay hydrated and quench the thirst after your meal? Here’s what I mostly do: chug a glass of water BEFORE every meal. This health tip fills up the stomach and prevents you from overeating.

12| Switch Your Running/Workout Shoes


A recent study revealed that exercising or running everyday in the same pair of shoes can be dangerous and may cause foot related infections and injuries. The study advised runners to switch up shoes every other day. Which means you should keep 2-3 pairs of running shoes in your closet and switch them every now and then to prevent any injuries.

13| Quit Smoking


We all know how badly smoking can affect our health. I can understand how hard it can be for a regular smoker to quit but I insist that the right time to quit is NOW. A study published in 2012 showed that women who quit smoking before the age of 40 lived 10 years longer than the women who quit after 40 or didn’t quit at all. Smoking hinders the immunity system and is a major cause of heart and lung diseases.

14| Find the Time for What You Love


Good health and wellness includes a stress-free and happy mind which can only be achieved when you are truly at peace in life. Boost your confidence and happiness by doing what you love whether its painting, music, reading, writing, playing video games, shopping etc.

15| Meditate


Meditation is a great way to relieve stress and cure mild headache and body pain. Meditation helps people stay healthy from the inside. This year, you should definitely squeeze in 10-15 minutes for a short meditation session every other day.


So, which of these health and fitness habits will you implement this year?


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