2016 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

2016 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Whether you like or not, it’s time to ditch a few pieces you bought in 2015. Yes, they were trending last year but 2016 has new hopes and visions for fashion lovers like you and me. January is a perfect time to sort out your wardrobe and catch up on everything that’s going to be trending in 2016. Not sure about you guys but I am very excited to update my wardrobe for 2016 :). Check out the forecast of 2016 fashion trends to look out for.

1| Sneakers with Everything

Sneakers With Dress 2016 Fashion Trend

Casual sneakers will be the hottest trend of 2016. All cool divas will be seen donning stylish sneakers with everything whether its jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses. So, pack away your heels and flats, its time go get comfortable in style.

2| Over-sized Glasses

Oversized Glasses 2016 Fashion Trends


Over-sized or hipster glasses of all shapes are finally in style, whether you need them for vision or not. Geeky girls would love this latest fashion trend and will blend right in. So, pick your favorite pair of glasses and bring out your geeky side it with formal and casual wear.

3| Off-Shoulder Tops

Off Shoulder Tops 2016 Fashion Trends


Most fashion experts are forecasting off-shoulder blouse to be a huge fashion trend this year. They advise fashionistas to pair their off-shoulder blouse with either a skirt or casual pants.

4| Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants 2016 Fashion Trends


Jogger pants were awesome last year and fashion experts suspect that this fashion trend will stay this year too. Effortless and casual is the way to go this year. Pair your jogger pants with a dressy blouse and heels to look fashionable.

5| Palm Bracelet

Palm Bracelet 2016 Fashion Trends


In 2016, your accessory collection should include a few palm bracelets because they are hella’ stylish. This new fashion trend will surely make sure that your palms don’t look under-dressed.

So which of these fashion trends were your favorite and which one are you absolutely ready to rock in 2016?

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