4 Everyday Quick Makeup Tips

4 Everyday Quick Makeup Tips

Women go through a lot to maintain the youthfulness of their beauty and skin. While some women feel more beautiful with minimum makeup, others don’t feel complete without a full face of makeup. The point is, makeup is great and perfectly okay to use in order to enhance your beauty. However the tricky part of wearing makeup is that sometimes it can take a ton of time (depending on your routine), which means on a standard week we hardly get the time to apply makeup the way we want to as it’s too time-consuming. This is why our makeup artists summed everything up, and here we are sharing our quick makeup tips for every day of your life.


#1 For Dark Circles

Concealer Quick Makeup Tips


Here’s a simple makeup tutorial, just by using a moisturizer and concealer to kill the roots of those obnoxious dark circles that destroy your appearance. Just apply a moisturizer with a good SPF and then follow with a concealer to cover the blemishes and dark circles on your face. Just know this, don’t use the concealer on areas that don’t really have the need for it.  Always apply the concealer in the form of stripes to get a perfect finish.


#2 Blush

Blush Quick Makeup Tips


Adding color to the cheeks is the easiest way to look like you put in some effort to getting ready. Just smile and swipe a little bit of cream or powder blush on your cheekbones. Don’t forget to use a clean brush to blend any hard lines. Use powder blush in humid or hot weather and in colder weather opt for cream blush. Cream blush is also a better option to sculpt your cheekbones.


#3 Eyes

Eye Makeup Quick Makeup Tips


Go for neutral shades that have a tinge of shimmer in them on workdays. You can go crazy with other shades for parties and weekends of course. Use your ring finger or a smooth eyeshadow brush to evenly swipe the eyeshadow on your lid. Use a blending brush to blend any hard lines. You can also use the lightest shade in your palette and apply just a little bit on the inner corners of your eyes. This step will make your eyes glow beautifully. Complete the look with eyeliner and mascara.

#4 Lips

Lipliner Quick Makeup Tips


Always apply lipstick from the center as it’s the first and foremost area from where the lipstick starts to wear off. Outline your lips with a lip liner that’s the exact shade of your lip shade. Once done, fill your lips with the lip color. Wear lip shades that compliment your skin tone. For example; red, coral, orange or baby pink shades look good on the lighter skin while darker shades such as maroon, berry and hot pink look great on darker skin.

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