5 Dangers of Sleeping in Makeup

5 Dangers of Sleeping in Makeup

Go to bed without removing that beautiful makeup is not only a bad healthy skin routine, but you are one step closer to the worst nightmare your face could ever experience. Every time you sleep with all that layer of makeup, you increase the likeliness bad skin causes and limits your ability to fight anti-aging. How? Let’s introduce you to 5 dangers of sleeping in makeup.

#1 Premature Aging
Premature Ageing Dangers Of Sleeping With Makeup

When you snooze yourself into a world of dreams without cleaning those artificial contours on your facial skin, you are possibly exposing your face to a milieu of dust pores, fumes, and gases that smash down the collagen of your skin as a result of a deep-seated reaction of causes to bad skin. Fine lines, blackheads, pores, wrinkles are an end product of this reaction and this residue is solely responsible for making you look 2 days older when you sleep with that makeup on. The best anti-aging solution is to wash the makeup off your face every night and again in the morning.

 #2 Acne
Acne Problem Sleeping With Makeup

The skin consists of pores that make us sweat, ooze out salts, waxy lubricants, and serums. By sleeping in makeup, you choose to clog-in these pores. Each night you cherry-pick sleep over a healthy skin routine, you leave an everlasting impairment to your skin. According to dermatologists, sleeping in makeup every night is one of the biggest bad skin cause that makes the skin unhealthy inside out.


#3 Eye Infection

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If you are too tempted to hit the hay at the end of the day, be sure to wipe all that mascara off your eyelids. It’s easily the waxiest substance that your eyes can’t withstand. Wiping-off this dark matter gets harder as time passes because it sticks to the frail skin of eyelids. This not only is a healthy skin routine, but also a good health routine in general. Sleeping in makeup also dries up the eyelids and skin around the eyes causing itching, a direct symptom of contagion.

#4 Dryness

Dry Skin Sleeping With Makeup


Do you sleep with a layer of heavy moisturizer on your face? If so, then not sleeping in makeup is a good start, but there’s no point in wearing an excess of moisturizing cream when you are sleeping. In your deep zeal to keep your face healthy you are destroying it because the dense moisturizer does not get absorbed by your skin pores, in fact, it clogs the pores triggering a layer of dead skin cells on your face which is the origin of dryness and one of the biggest bad skin causes.

 #5 Inflammation
Skin Inflammation Sleeping With Makeup


Sleeping in makeup may have you end up with swollen eyelids and cheek glands in the morning. Do you want to live with that big face that has no cheekbones to exhibit? If not, you should always be sure to remove your makeup every night no matter how much you’ve partied, how late it is or tired you are. If you still cannot muster up the courage to cover that short distance between your washroom and bedroom, then invest on makeup removing wipes and keep them on your nightstand, as another great healthy skin routine to fight anti-aging.

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