5 Lifelong Benefits of Regular Exercise

5 Lifelong Benefits of Regular Exercise
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There’s more to regular exercise than just keeping your body fit and toned. Regular exercise can make you live longer and feel better about yourself. Those with the high level of physical fitness are found to have the lower risk of dying from different types of diseases. Even the Journal of American Medical Association supports this claim. So the next time you hit the gym, be proud of yourself that you’re doing something to keep your body fit – inside out, and doing something to extend your life. Remind yourself of these top five benefits of exercise to keep your heart, body, mind and spirit inspired to sweat and work it all out.

1| Mood Boosting Benefit

Working Out Makes You Healthy And HappyRegular exercise helps improve your mental and emotional health. Working out stimulates chemicals in your brain that reduces anxiety and stress levels. Even though your body feels tired and sweats excessively, your brain gives you a more relaxed and happier feeling. Of course, regular exercise can get you physically fit so that will give an extra boost on your self-confidence. With regular exercise, you’ll also get better sleep which in turn will put you in a good mood when you wake up in the morning.

2| Brain Power

Working Out Makes People SmarterAside from keeping you happy, fitness routines can make you smarter. Regular exercise can improve one’s mental strength and insight. You cut your risk of having memory-related disorders by 40 percent as you grow older. Who wouldn’t want to avoid Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? And I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a better memory. Studies showed that three months of regular exercise can make you perform better in memory tests. When you exercise regularly, the blood flow in your brain improves enabling your brain to function better.

3| Prevention of Chronic Health Conditions

Exercise Keeps People Disease FreeHitting the gym regularly or just simply doing exercise routines at home on a regular basis can lower your risk of getting chronic diseases. Your chances of having high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are lower. Among other benefits of exercise are lower risks of having the colon, lung, breast and endometrial cancer as well as prevention or management of arthritis when you get older.  Exercise also improves your cardiovascular health which means you’ll reduce your risk of stroke.

4| Endurance and Strength

Exercise Strengthens MusclesRegularly follow your fitness routines and enjoy strengthened bones, joints and muscles and lower your risks of suffering from osteoporosis. Of course, part of regular exercising has lifelong benefits of improving the strength of your lungs. This will mean increased amount of nutrients and oxygen which translates to a more energetic you.

 5| Weight Management Benefits

Weight Management Benefits Of ExerciseThis is the ultimate and most obvious benefit of regular exercise. As you burn more calories, you will lose weight and preserve your lean muscle mass. The moderate intense exercise of about 150 minutes weekly can keep off the excess pounds. And if you combine regular exercise and a healthy diet, you’re sure to manage your weight. With that optimal weight, you get to avoid weight-related illnesses like diabetes.

The long-term benefits of exercise are not just limited to the five we’ve mentioned. Exercise can prevent depression, give you increased savings as it helps lower your medical bills, and improve the overall quality of life. So keep doing the exercise routines that you enjoy doing and you’ll soon also enjoy the benefits of a better physical, mental and emotional health.

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