5 Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are So Popular

Hair extensions have gotten their fair share of attention since past few decades but very few are aware of the fact that hair extensions have been around long before since they became famous in the fashion zone.

In reality, hair extensions have been in use since the Egyptian period. Of course the quality and variety of weave back then was different but women used them extensively not only to make their hair appear long but also to place heavy accessories on their head. The texture of hair extensions made it easier for them to set the accessories in place for longer period of time.

In the modern age however, women have started using hair extensions for many reasons and in many forms which has made them really popular. I love them so much, I created my line of hair extension ONYC in 2007 and I can see how popular they’ve become in the recent years. Here are 5 reasons why hair extensions are so popular.

1| Perfect Remedy IF Your Hair’s Too Short

Transform From Too Short To Long Gorgous Weave Hair
Most women get their locks cut short and then regret their decision. Hair weave is a life saver in such a situation. Hair extensions fulfill every woman’s preference irrespective of the type, color and length of their own hair and what they desire as weaves come in variety of styles, color and length.

2| Experiments with Colors is Easy

Add Gorgous Color With Hair Extension
Hair extensions are perfect for those who like changing the color of their hair. The best part is that they don’t damage the hair unlike permanent/temporary hair dyeing and you end up with vibrant and gorgeous hair without any risks. In fact great quality hair extensions are made out of 100% Cuticle Human Hair which can be colored as per the user’s choice. Isn’t that great?

3| They Add Texture and Volume

Amazing Texture And Volume In A Snap With ONYC Hair Kinky

One other reason women prefer hair extensions is that it’s a quick and great way to easily add texture and thickness to the hair making them look healthy and luscious. They can be taken out anytime and can be worn as long as one likes.

 4| Different Styles
Hair Extension Can Help With Different Styles

There are certain hairstyles that can only be fashioned on long hair. Popular hair extension styles and wedding hairstyles for instance are easier to work with hair extensions.This is why majority of actresses and models these days are seen flaunting hair extensions.

5| To Transform Regular Look
Clipin Hair Extension Can Quickly Transform Regular Look
Hair weaves have become a major hit not only in the fashion world but also for regular women these days. Rather than changing the look of their hair drastically, they opt for extensions to transform their look with different colors and popular hair extension styles like kinky curly, straight, textured, long, short, edgy etc. The thing is that you can work with hair extensions just like you would with your real hair.

Are you a fan of hair extensions? Which ones are your favorites? Share your views in the comments down below.

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