5 Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions

5 Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions
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The charisma and morale that comes packed with the set of new hair extensions can prove to be exceedingly appalling if the odds are against you and you mislead yourself to visit the wrong salon. Hair Extensions have a lot to do with microbiology if we talk about the procedural facet of the movement. If you plan on getting hair extensions, be sure to keep these 5 signs of bad hair extensions in mind.

#1 Hair Loss

Hair Loss Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions


Since each hair is dexterously locked down by a bond to the slack ends, hair fall is probable. However, if the hair loss is frequent than customary and you find small lumps of hair while strolling your fingers through it, or intense shedding on your shoulder or even at times when you are not combing; then be primed to make a meeting with your hairdresser.

Note: There is no hard and fast rule of ‘frequent hair loss’ but something that you see more often than before, especially if you’ve had extensions before.

#2 Early Bald Spots

Early Bald Spots Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions


Removal of hair extensions can be a hellish experience for women. Bad hair extensions expose you to premature bald spots at the places where the extensions are glued. The reason is a low quality that is used or improper saturation of glue. Moreover, one must make sure that sewing in the extensions the right way takes a huge a cross of time; it’s not easy as it looks. This is a serious concern, because if not redressed, it can lead on to damage the hair follicle and hence one can be a victim of permanent bald patches.

#3 Headache

Headache Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions


Most clients find it abrupt, but gradually you are more likely to have a headache if your hair extensions are bad quality. Yes, this is because the roots in the scalp can react to many things, such as glue used, tightness caused by pulling on the natural hair during installation, and last but not least, the manufacturing and processing routine used; as theses can all directly affect the nerves.

 #4 Itching

Hair Extensions Itching Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions


If you just got those lovely hair extensions, it is advised that you don’t braid your natural hair really tightly, else your scalp is likely to have severe pains from all the pressure. Yes, the scalp also starts bulging out if the hair extensions have been done so excessively tight by the hairdresser as a result of which the increased tension between a scalp and your hair or your hair and the extensions can lead to a break of your hair.  A good sign to look for of breakage because of tension if you choose to ignore the pain is if the hair has excessive itching in the same area of the tightness.

#5 The Tangling of the Hair

Warning Signs of Bad Hair Extensions


Glued extensions and more frequently when it comes to fusion extension is a bad combination of bad hair extensions. Assuming that you have the type of hair that are not referred to as curls, if you feel that your hair tangles into the beads and clips more than ever then this is one more warning sign of bad hair extension for your hair type, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a pro.


Owning a successful hair extension company,  I can vouch that none of the above-mentioned problems would occur if you choose ONYC Hair Extensions.  The care and pride that we put in processing all of our products, it is important that we stand by the quality our customers are accustomed to receiving and entrusting us to give.

Good luck .. 🙂

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