6 Bridal Hairstyle Tips for Your Big day

6 Bridal Hairstyle Tips for Your Big day

There is nothing that goes above and beyond than being yourself on your Wedding Day. And more than anything, the fact that matters most is knowing that the one you love, loves you for who you truly are. Still, it won’t hurt to have him see you in a way that he’s never seen you before. After all, it IS your big day. Even though you’ll have your Glam Squad working on you like you are a Victoria’s Secret model, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of a few special wedding hair tips. So, here are a few ways to help you manage your hairstyle like a boss on your wedding day.

Tip #1 – First of all, be sure to allot plenty of time to your hairstylist and don’t rush your Stylist. Bridal hairstyles tend to take a lot of attention to detail when styling, so be patient with your stylist.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Bridal Hairstyle

Tip #2 – Since I am into the hair extension business, I usually have many clients who come in to get hair extensions for their big day. Most brides prefer to use hair extensions as it helps them achieve a particular hairstyle with ease, specially ones that need texture and volume. Choose hair extensions that would go with a hairdo you desire. Textured hair extensions are great for up- while soft curls and straight hair extensions look absolutely stunning if the bride wishes to flaunt her hair

ONYC Hair Bride

Tip #3 – Your hairdo depends on the length, texture and color of your hair. A half up and half down hairdo suits every hair length, color and texture and gives the look of a true princess when accompanied with a veil. All in all it is a perfect bridal hair style.
Princess Kate Wedding Hair With Veil
Tip #4
– Brides with longer hair can opt for beautiful jeweled bands or fancy clips, while leaving their hair sinuous straight or add some soft waves at the bottom. Hair accessories look beautiful on any kind of bridal hairstyles such as braids, top knot, messy buns and even half ups. That said, here’s an important tip, avoid styling half up, half down hairdo if you have naturally curly hair as it will make your hair look really messy after a few hours in. Brides with curly hair have the perfect texture for braided and bun hairstyles. So go ahead explore those options for you big day.

Wedding Hairstyles Accessories

Tip #5 – Your Wedding Hairstyle also relies on the weather or the venue’s atmosphere. Try not to get a quick ‘Cut and Blow’ if you are in the tropics or if the weather is uncomfortably humid. Don’t forget to use frizz-control hair serum once your hair is all set.  To get rid of the sweat produced on your scalp, use a blow dryer in cold setting.
Tropical Bride Hair

Tip #6 – If your wedding is around that icy cold day then be prepared to have your bridal hair done at the venue right before the ceremony. This process will eliminate the chances of getting static of dewy hair that turn frizzy after a while.
Winter Wedding Bride
Hope these tips help you as your prepare to transform into a beautiful bride for your special day. Share with someone who is about to get married or with your friends to help them get prepared.

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