7 Winter Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

7 Winter Essentials Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Seasons change and so does the look of our wardrobe. Whether you are a true fashionista or someone who does not care about new trends, it is kind of vital to keep your wardrobe updated. Splurging on buying trendy pieces to fill your closet every season is a crazy idea. Trends come and go which is why it is important to choose wisely. Rather than spending on new pieces every season, update your wardrobe with timeless and classic staples most of which can go all year round. Since the winter season is upon us, we’ve put together 7 winter must haves that will stay with you for years to come. Let’s see how many of these you have in your closet.

#1 Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf Winter Staple
This has been tried and tested. Even if you are wearing a lame blouse and jeans, a beautiful infinity scarf can help you bring you’re A-game. Every woman’s wardrobe should have at least 3-4 infinity scarves which you can switch and wear every other day. It’s a great add-on to keep you extra warm and make you look extra chic.

#2 Cozy Knit Sweater

Knit Sweater Winter Staple
A cozy knit sweater is a definite closet must-have. Pick something that’s versatile and can easily go with a pair of boyfriend jeans as well as with a pretty party skirt.

 #3 Leather Pants

Leather Trousers Winter Essentials
Every year we think that leather pants are old news but guess what, they come back every year. A pair of fitted leather trousers combines well with a dressy top or a sweater. It’s edgy, bold and ravishing. Throw on a statement necklace, pumps, carry a clutch and you are good to go.

#4 Midi Coat

Midi Coat Winter Wardrobe
A warm and cozy midi coat is definitely my first winter wardrobe essential. It can easily update your weekend jeans and add an oomph factor to your sweater dress. Wear it with ankle or high boots and you are good to go.

#5 Warm Leggings

Leggings Winter Wardrobe
A few solid leggings should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. When paired with the right outfit, it can enhance the overall look of your outfit – plus, keep you cozy and warm. Wear your leggings with a winter dress, high boots, infinity scarf and a beanie.

#6 Wide-Brim Hat

Wide Hat Winter Wardrobe
A wide brim hat is a perfect way to accessorize your winter outfit. It’s absolutely chic and also prevents hair static problems during the winter. Don’t think twice about this one because this fashion isn’t going anywhere.

#7 Black Turtleneck

Turtleneck Winter Essentials

Every fashion blogger approves of investing on a good quality black turtleneck. This wardrobe essential can be paired with a midi or maxi skirt along with a statement necklace. Or wear it with a pair of weekend jeans and throw on a flannel shirt or a white button down.

Hope this list of winter wardrobe essentials helped you figure out what your closet is missing. What’s your favorite winter piece? Let me know in the comments below.

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