8 Things I Do Everyday To Be More Productive

8 Things I Do Everyday To Be More Productive

Being successful in the entrepreneurship world is not easy but if you know what you want and you’ve got the passion to achieve it, then success will come naturally. Aside from working hard, taking risks and managing time, there are a lot of other daily activities that helps a person become more productive and in a bigger picture – SUCCESSFUL.

So, how to be more productive? I, personally, did and still do 8 important things everyday to be more productive which in turn helps me stay on top of the game. And today, I’d like to share my success tips with you. I hope this business advice will help you as much they have helped me every day of my life.

1| Never Skip Your Breakfast
Healthy Breakfast For Productive Day
You might be a late riser and probably rush to get to your office everyday. Well that’s no excuse for skipping your breakfast. We all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but did you know that people who eat breakfast are more productive, opposed to people who skip their breakfast. Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy meal every morning are better performers and more focused. So, my first business advice to be more productive is definitely to never skip your breakfast, no matter how late you are.

2| I Wake Up Early
Wake Up Early To Be More Productive
This can be rather tough at times and may seem like a rather simplistic business advice but waking up early can be highly productive as it gives me more time to attend to my business every day. There’s more time for everything that needs my attention like to responding to emails promptly, be at business meetings on time and at the end of the day, I get some time for myself because that’s important too. The idea is to get everything done when they are supposed to.

3| I Don’t Waste Time
Dont Waste Time How To Be Productive
If you wish to know how to be more productive, make sure never to ‘waste time’. The strongest traits of an entrepreneur are to be efficient, productive and most of all to be occupied in growing the business. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to exhaust yourself completely to become productive but it is important to understand and respect time. Whenever I am a few hours ahead of my schedule, I spend those extra couple of hours exploring new ways to expand and grow my business to be more productive.

4| Plan Your Day
Plan Your Day Everyday To Be Productive
I make a point to plan my day every night so I have a clear picture of important tasks. It also helps if you maintain a specific notebook to make notes about what and how you’ll take care of a certain agenda. This is a success tip that I learned many years ago, which to-date assists me in prioritizing my everyday tasks.

5| I Meditate/Exercise
Meditate Everyday To Be More Productive
Taking care of the body and mind in any form of physical and mental exercise can greatly enhance your working abilities and can certainly make you more productive. I normally meditate for at least 10-15 minutes every day. It not only helps me relax but also helps me channel positive energy which is a vital quality that every successful person should possess.

6| Daily Visualization

Visualize To Be More Productive


Visualization technique is one of the oldest and most effective ways to become productive and successful. Many famous people like Steve Jobs and Einstein used this technique to unleash their hard working and creative sides. 5-10 minutes of visualization session can help you identify problems, tackle situations better and become more productive overall.

7| Don’t Procrastinate

Dont Procrastinate How To Be More Productive


Being a businesswoman means increased responsibilities and with responsibility comes more work. I analyze my priorities and pick up tasks depending on their urgency. A to-do list certainly helps me make sure I’ve got all critical tasks taken care of everyday.

8| I Set Goals Everyday

Set Goals How To Be More Productive


My last success tip is to set your goals every single day. I write down all my goals every night, short-term as well as long-term. This helps me stay motivated to achieve my goals. Writing goals everyday imprints the ideas in my mind so they are always remembered.

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