FACES OF ONY | About Thelma Okoro ONYC Hair Extensions Owner
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Fashion, Travel, Beauty Tips & Celebrity Style
FACES OF ONY | Your oasis for Entrepreneurship, Travel, Fashion & Style, Hair & Beauty, Food and Celebrity slander.
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Faces of Ony is a personal and unique blog page offering you the hottest celebrity styles, latest fashion trends, useful beauty tips , and everything that inspires the modern woman. This webpage is dedicated to empowered women like me who juggles the balance between work and pleasure.


Eat and Travel in Style

Travel with me as I share stories of my journey in different parts of the world. Get a glimpse of my personal experiences in exploring different countries and get some advice on where to go, places to eat, and treasured spots to discover. Let’s eat like a celebrity, let’s travel in style.


For Love of Hair and Beauty

Know more about different tips and tricks on hair and beauty and be the first to know about how celebrities style their hair and get beauty tips from a make-up aficionado like me. I am very excited to tell you about my stories and share with you my love for hair and beauty!


The Gift of Fashion, Music, and Style

I have an avid fascination with the latest on fashion and celebrity styles. Let me give you a taste of my thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not and at the same time give you various ideas on how to play around with your personal style. I would also like to tell you more about my diverse collection of music. After all, everyone of us has a gift for fashion, music, and style.


Be Healthy, Be Fit

For me, being beautiful is not all about how you look but also about how your body feels. Like most celebrities, my style is to not just to look fit but to be healthy as well. I adore dancing, so for dance lovers like me, take a peek on my exercise routines which involve a lot of swaying and shaking. Feel good, be fit and be healthy. Let’s start now!


Women and Entrepreneurship

As CEO of ONYC Hair Extensions, I have learned so much about how to sustain a business and how to effectively deal with people, click on www.onychair.com to find out more. If you are thinking of putting up your own business, read along and learn a lot from my articles about how you can work your way into entrepreneurship and be successful. Women do business in style and that is one of the many things I have tackled in my stories.


I am thrilled to hear about all your suggestions and what you think about my stories so feel free to browse around and you’re always welcome here at Faces of Ony, your newest online BFF! See you around!


Thelma Okoro

 Welcome to Faces Of Ony


My name is Thelma Okoro. I currently live in Washington DC area. I was born and raised in Nigeria before migrating to USA in 2005 I am the Founder/ CEO of ONYC Hair Extensions that I founded in 2007.


Now, after witnessing that my business is thriving, I decided to show my fans the other side of my life through ‘Faces Of Ony’.


Faces of Ony is a unique blog that entails my personal style, things I am passionate about, my lifestyle and everything that interests me in general. Aside from glamour, hair, beauty, fashion fitness and travel, my blog also includes several aspects of entrepreneurship and tips on running small businesses.


I have a huge passion for hair and beauty so this blog would draw in a lot of new information and personal experience revolving around these two subjects. For information regarding my hair extension line, make sure to visit my business blog (http://onycworld.com/) where I also write guest posts from time to time.


One other subject that really fascinates me is ‘Travel’. My business takes me to a lot of places all across the globe. And when it doesn’t, I pack my bags and travel wherever my heart takes me for leisure. So, if you are passionate about travelling, we certainly have a lot in common. I am excited to share my travel experiences with you which also includes my favorite destinations, best places to visit and travel advice.


As a successful entrepreneur, I constantly challenge myself which helps me grow through every step of my business and life. Not only do I wish to inspire my readers but also hope to get inspired and motivated by my readers through this blog.


I would love to hear from you guys. Feel free to share your ideas about topics you would like me to cover on Faces of Ony.


Thanks for stopping by.


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