My British Virgin Islands Experience

My British Virgin Islands Experience
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Join Me As I Explore British Virgin Islands – Helicopter Ride, Beaches and More!

I love my work but just like everyone else, I also feel the need to leave my stress and worries behind once in a while to give myself a refreshing break. I usually do this every year during my birthday as it’s a brilliant excuse for me to go for a luxurious beach vacation. It’s also a way I like to thank and reward myself for all the hard work I do all year round. People who know me well are aware of how much I love blue watered beaches, white sand, blue sky and beautiful people which for me is a perfect combination for getaways. This year I chose to head to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Island is made of four main and many small islands. I decided to visit a private island called Scrub Island owned by Marriott. I enjoyed the gorgeous beaches and landscape from September 3rd to 8th which was enough for me to explore the island. If you are looking for beach vacation ideas then Caribbean vacation should definitely be on your list. Here are some activities I did and places I explored in British Virgin Island.

 Private Boat Charter

With The CaptainTo admire the island in its best form with no limitations I decided to get on a private boat charter. I was allotted a captain which almost felt like having a private boat experience. It was fun and a really safe way to get to all the islands around.

Helicopter Ride

Gorgeous View Via Helicopter RideThis was cherry on the cake experience on my beach vacation. This was an amazing one hour ride wherein I got a bird’s eye view of all the beautiful islands. We explored Tortola and Necker Island (private Island entirely owned by Richard Branson, the Chairman of the Virgin Group). We also saw a gorgeous view of St. John’s and St. Croix Islands through the helicopter ride. I would suggest this to anyone who is planning a beach or Caribbean vacation in the near future. But of course, I wouldn’t advise you to get on the helicopter if you are afraid of heights.

Jost Van Dyke BeachJost Van Dyke Island

This was a stunning island with gorgeous blue water. I had a really relaxing time at this island by unwinding in a comfortable hammock at the beach. I also went to restaurants called Foxy’s Beach Bar and Soggy Dollar Bar which are both great places to have delicious food and drinks.

Still Got My Cave Girl Mentality Virgin Gorda BathsVirgin Gorda Baths

Virgin Gorda is a beautiful rocky island and it was really fun exploring some stunning caves.  I believe fitness enthusiasts and adventurous people would love this island as it involves a lot of climbing and getting lost in the caves.  And of course a beach vacation is incomplete without snorkeling so after exploring the caves we headed back to the water and snorkeled.  I was lucky to see some lobsters, octopus and colorful fish.

Private Beach At Scrub Island ResortThe resort Island had everything we needed though things were slightly slower. However, it’s a perfect destination for beach lovers like me.Lobster For Dinner On my birthday I went to a quiet private dinner party. I love local Lobster however it was out of season, so we had a 2bl Lobster from Main.Snorkling My British Virgin Islands Experience It was such a great experience and I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated my birthday this year. Caribbean islands are known for its clear water and white sand beaches which is why I was lured to opt for a Caribbean vacation. Now, I am back to work and already started exploring my options to pick my next vacation spot.

Have you been to the British Virgin Islands? Please share your experience and where you visited.  Have you been on another beach vacation that you can recommend? Let me know as I am already looking for where to go for my next birthday.

More photos from my trip


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