Curling Wand Body Wave Hair | ONYC Body-2-Wavy

Curling Wand Body Wave Hair | ONYC Body-2-Wavy
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Hair extensions and weaves are a Godsend, if you ask me. When it comes to fashion crazy women like myself, hair extensions are a great way to experiment with different looks. We all prefer different things, some women wish for straight hair, while some desire curly. Some long for shorter hair while some like to see themselves in longer locks – bottom line is that there are times we get bored with our usual hair and wonder what would it be like to try different hair looks. That’s when hair extensions come in the picture, which is the next best thing without making any drastic changes to our real hair.

A few weeks ago I covered ONYC Body Wave Hair Extensions known as Body 2 Wavy™. I have styled this hair extension in many different styles but I have gotten the most compliments when I wand curled the Body 2 Wavy hair extensions. Today, I’d like to share the procedure and techniques I followed when I used a curling wand to curl the body wave hair.

Curling Wand Body Wave Hair ONYC Body 2 Wavy Curly


Thankfully, curls are back and there are plenty of curled hair extension styles that you can try on ONYC® hair. So, the products you’ll need in order to excel with this hair curling wand tutorial are:

– Curling Wand

– Heat Protectant

– Soft Brush

– Setting Spray

– Hair clips

– Shine Serum (Optional)

Most women don’t apply heat protectant on their hair extensions before curling or straightening their weave just because they feel as though it’s not their own hair so they don’t have to practice proper haircare for it. Ladies, it might not be your OWN hair but hair extensions are real hair – at least in case of ONYC® hair.  Therefore, if you apply heat to your hair extensions they WILL get damaged and won’t look good after a certain duration. So if you haven’t been, start applying heat protectant on your hair extensions and brush through your hair to spread the product all over your hair before applying heat.

Curling Wand Body Wave Hair ONYC Body 2 Wavy Curls



The Process

  1. Separate the top section of your hair and clip it away because you need to start curling the bottom section first.

  2. Once the rest of the hair is clipped away, take a small section from the bottom section and spray some setting spray on it. This ensures that the curl stays for a longer duration. Now wrap that section around the hot curling wand and keep it in place for 10-15 seconds. The longer you keep, the tighter and defined your curls will be.

  3. Leave the curled section and let it cool. Curl the other sections the same way until you reach the top section of your hair.

  4. When curling the sections around your face, be sure to curl them away from the face. This technique will keep those curls out of your face and will frame the face perfectly.

  5. Once all your hair is curled, spray some setting spray all over your hair but keep the nozzle about 8-10 inches away from your hair. This technique won’t make your hair super hard but will ensure that your curls stay intact all day.

  6. To achieve the look I have here, gently apply some shine serum over your hair extensions and do not comb through the curls. But if you like bigger tighter curls, you can comb through to get that look, as shown here.

Curling Wand Body Wave Hair ONYC Body 2 Wavy Brushed Out

If you follow these steps, you’ll end up with big, bouncy curls like mine. And you now know how a curling wand can curl body wave hair. If you are blending your own hair with the hair extensions, be sure to curl your own hair first and then clip in the extensions. Curl all of the hair again and complete the look with some hair spray.

Curling Wand Body Wave Hair ONYC Body 2 Wavy Front


I hope this tutorial was helpful in curling your hair extensions with a curling wand. Let me know your thoughts about Curling Wand Body Wave Hair.

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