Easy Braid Out On Straight Natural Hair| ONYC Hair Fro Out

Easy Braid Out On Straight Natural Hair| ONYC Hair Fro Out
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I get asked a lot by many women about my pretty curls and how I achieve the look. When I tell them the process of how simply I achieve those curls they find it hard to believe. Being in the hair industry I have learned different techniques to work with hair over the past years and my technique can help anyone achieve pretty curls with the easy braid out technique. I have heard many of my clients complain that they can’t achieve the braid out on kinky straight or silky hair. Well, I agree, it’s quite difficult but with the right technique and products, I can help you get the look of braid out on straight natural hair, as well as on blown out hair weave, which I have proven works great on ONYC hair fro out, as you can see here.

So let’s start with the products you’ll need in order to achieve braid out on straight natural hair.


ONYC Hair Styling Tools1. Moisturizing Leave-In

Most women make the huge mistake of not applying any leave-in conditioner in their hair which makes there braid out a big failure. You’ll definitely need a good moisturizing leave-in conditioner that contains shea butter or jojoba oil to achieve the right texture. The leave-in alone will help hold your curls in place.

2. Oil

Applying light hair oil will help lock in moisture that will in-turn make your braid out on straight natural hair an absolute success. I recommend using tea tree oil or peach oil. They are both very light and perfect to lock in moisture for a perfect braid out on kinky straight or braid out on straight natural hair.


3. Comb

You’ll need a suitable comb to divide your hair into sections to get the baddest braid out. J  I recommend a wide tooth comb as well as a rat tail comb for easy manipulation.


4. Hair Ties/ Satin Rollers

You’ll need hair ties to secure your braids and keeping them from getting tangled. I use satin rollers to secure my plaits as it prevents any odd or uneven lines in my hair.

So, here’s what you need to do for a perfect braid out on straight natural hair.

ONYC Hair Fro Out Braidout Result


 1. Start out on slightly damp hair and part your hair from the middle so your hair is divided into two major sections. Now each of these two sections needs to be divided into 2 sections. So in total you should have 4 braids. You can go for more braids if you want tighter curls.

Note: Make sure to part all the way down, horizontally, so you have two sections in each major halves.

Jumbo Braids For Braid Out Style On Weave ONYC Hair


 2. Take the first section and apply leave-in moisturizer followed by a few drops of oil. Comb the section to spread the product evenly paying attention to the roots and ends. Now create a tight plait and secure it with a satin roller or hair tie.

Note: you can also start by applying leave-in moisturizer and oil all over your hair before dividing your hair into sections. This will certainly save time.

3. Follow the same procedure on other sections until you get 4 big plaits on your head.

ONYC Hair Fro Out Braid


 4. When all your plaits are done, cover your head with a satin bonnet and go to sleep.

Braid Out Tutorial Faces Of Ony


5. When you wake up, check if your hair is completely dry, if not, blow dry your hair for a few seconds to ensure they are completely dry.

Note: Hair must be completely dry before unraveling to reduce frizz and have a more defined curl pattern.

Thelma Okoro ONYC Hair CEO Taking Out Braids


6. Once you have unraveled the last braid, puff and scrunch your hair with your fingers to join all the curls together.  Complete the look with some finishing spray.

ONYC Hair Fro Out Braidout Back Result


This is how I style my braid out on straight natural hair with ONYC hair fro out, and the results have been amazing. Just ensure that you follow all the steps and you should end up with sexy braid out curls like mine.

Do you have other techniques for braid out? Share your tips in the comments below…

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