The Es Vedra Sunset- A Must-See in Ibiza!

The Es Vedra Sunset- A Must-See in Ibiza!
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The Astonishing EsVedra Sunset Experience

Es vedra rock at sunset - Picture of Es Vedra, Ibiza Town

Hello, lovelies! I’m on here, excited to tell you all about one of my favorite things to do in Ibiza, which was watching the Es Vedra sunset!

Sure, Amnesia in Ibiza is one of the most popular places to be in. But there are a ton of hidden beauties and natural landscapes to be seen beyond the usual! And I’m sure that, as a nature lover, you all know that I NEED to explore! After I spoke to fellow locals and islanders, I decided to explore Es Vedra. All you need to do is park near their parking area and walk to the cliff edge, with a magical and awe-inspiring view!

If you aren’t familiar with what Es Vedra is, let me acquaint you with the area. Es Vedra is a small uninhabited rocky island from the southwestern seabird. It’s off the Spanish island of Ibiza and part of the Cala d’Hot nature reserve, found in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa to get to es vedra, boat to es vedra, things to do in ibiza

The island has been said to be home to sea-nymphs and sirens. They tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. Another story is that the area has been thought of as a holy island of the Tanit, who is the Phoenician lunar goddess and is Ibiza’s patroness. Some legends say that there were sacrifices made to Tanit during full moons on the island’s shore.

But I must be boring you about all these facts from Wikipedia! Let’s get on to the beautiful views of Es Vedra.

The stunning Es Vedra sunset should NOT be missed. I urge you to be there early, or at least before the sunset. We BARELY missed the sunset because of this!

Sunset At Es Vedra - Paper Planes & Caramel Waffles Es Vedra – A Mystical Place - Sunset Boats Ibiza Es Vedra, Mythical Rock – Ibiza Holidays

I honestly can’t put the experience into words. The views were terrific and had the magical scenery as if I were in another world. Looking down the Cliff got my adrenaline running down my spine!  It’s tough to explain it unless you were there. All I can say is that it’s very peaceful and quite romantic. It’s also a very spiritual place, where you can relax, meditate, and articulate.

And when I say it’s romantic, it is because you can typically see proposals here! In fact, I witnessed one and HAD to give my five-cent advice on marriage to the thrilled-but-nervous sobbing bride-to-be, yikes! But she said yes, so it was a happy ending!

If you’re wondering about how to get to Es Vedra, it will take a good amount of your day because of the rocky road and traffic. You better get there early and put some time into it. It’s not just for a short Ibiza trip traveler!

Thelma Okoro Standing by the cliff es vedra, es vedra sunsetHere are some things to take note of when you are traveling to Es Vedra:

  • Get a cab or use a car with a driver who knows the area. You can also opt to take a boat to Es Vedra, with an Aqua bus available every day!

  • Park very close to the area and walk to the Cliffside.

  • Wear shoes built for the trail, as the path is dusty and rocky.

  • If you plan to sit on the cliff, make sure you get there early to have some space. You can bring towels and lay on the rocks.

  • There is no phone signal here, so you won’t be able to use Instagram or Facebook life luntil you’re out of the area.

Hope you lovelies enjoy! Let me know if you have visited Es Vedra of if you’re planning to. I would love to hear your input and contribution.

There is a park near their parking area and walk to the cliff edge. From there a magical and awe-inspiring view is waiting for you!

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