My Fab Look With Perfect Relaxed Hair Extensions | ONYC Light Perm

My Fab Look With Perfect Relaxed Hair Extensions | ONYC Light Perm

Being a hair brand owner, I get asked a lot about hair extension questions. Today, I want to discuss how to achieve the perfect relaxed hair extensions. Ask any black woman about the number one issue she has with hair extensions and most will rant about how to perfectly blend it with natural hair! This is also a common case for both natural and chemically straightened hair.

Getting the PERFECT TEXTURE is important for that flawless look. Relaxed hair texture was one of the first textures I created with ONYC Hair. It is available in Machine Weft and now in Clip-in Extensions. ONYC Hair also offers Tip Extensions and Hair Closures which are great alternatives if you want to know how to make full weave look real.
To tell you more, I have shared some of the frequently asked topics I get about hair extensions.

How To Make Weave Look Real ONYC Hair

1. How do you get perfect relaxed hair extensions?
Perfect Relaxed Hair Extensions ONYC Hair

Photo Credit: ONYC Hair

If you want your hair extensions to look like a natural texture hair weave, then you should know how to distinguish good quality from just a plain good buy. To achieve the perfect relaxed hair extensions, you need cuticle virgin human hair. ONYC Hair has perfect relaxed hair extensions which have cuticles that stand the test of time without causing it to wither since cuticles are responsible for preserving the integrity of the hair. ONYC® hair extensions are 100% full cuticle human hair that comes directly from verifiable donors from all around the world.


2. How do you know the most suitable color and texture?
ONYC Hair Golden Collection

Photo Credit: ONYC Hair

ONYC Relaxed Texture comes in two types:

  •  Relaxed Perm, which is similar to slightly Relaxed African-American hair

  •  Light Relaxed Perm, which is similar to a well relaxed African-American hair.

 I prefer the light relaxed perm because of the super sleek look. It also holds the curls better.
For perfect relaxed hair extensions, make sure that the texture and color blend with your natural hair because this is how to make weave look real. You may prefer clip-in hair extensions because this allows you to have a texture which is similar to your natural hair.
For weave hair extensions especially when incorporating closures, make sure to seek professional advice from a stylist to get the correct matching texture or color. This is very vital in addressing how to make that weave look very real.

3.What are the extension methods for perfect relaxed hair extensions?



• The sew-in (weave) hair extensions used when your hair is braided from side to side and the hair wefts are conveniently woven to the braids using thread. This can be installed with or without closures
Long And Natural Black Hair Extensions ONYC Hair


•Clip-in hair Extensions: When the hair wefts are attached to your hair by clipping tiny sections of it onto your hair.
Light Yaki Clip In Hair Texture ONYC Hair

 • Bonded (fusion) Hair Extensions : Fusions are used when the perfect relaxed hair extensions are fused onto your hair using heat.

Clip In Hair Extensions ONYC Hair


4.Can I re-style my hair with perfect relaxed hair Extensions?

Yes, you most definitely can! One of the greatest advantages of cuticle-made hair extensions is the longevity and versatility! Perfect Relaxed Hair Extensions by ONYC Hair are made of the finest quality that wearing it is close to unnoticeable! You can press, curl, and color to your heart’s desire but make sure it doesn’t look far enough from your natural hair color and avoid bleaching at all costs. ONYC Hair also offer the Golden Collection which are already color treated for your convenience!

5.How do I maintain the quality of my hair extensions?

Relaxed Hair Weave Airstyles ONYC Hair
Your perfect relaxed hair extensions should be taken care of the way you would treat your natural hair. Remember to always be gentle especially when it is wet. Air dry the hair most of the time and complete drying with a medium hair blower. Never tug your clip-in extensions when brushing it but what you can do is to start detangling in the ends while holding at the root of the hair. You may put on treatment products but make sure to do it sparingly to avoid weighing down your hairstyle.

 There you go, my bits and pieces of advice in getting the perfect relaxed hair extensions. Always aim for the products which can give you that natural texture hair weave look and enjoy your whole new hairdo using sew-in, bonded, or clip-in ONYC Hair extensions!

View My ONYC Hair Relaxed Textures Extensive Gallery!

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