Fitness During Pregnancy

Fitness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that most women may go through at some stage in her life. If you’ve ever been pregnant in your life, you know how hard things get when you are carrying a life worth 10 pounds in terms of weight and priceless in terms of value! These 9 months can be as exciting as being on a roller-coaster ride.  While some mothers-to-be have a fair idea as to what to expect when they are expecting, this can be a totally crazy new experience for first-time moms-to-be. This is why, I’ve brought you the best hacks and tips about pregnancy fitness that’ll help you stay fit during this beautiful phase.

#1 Is It Safe For Me?

Is Exercise During Pregnancy Good


The first thing expectant women are most curious about is if the idea of exercise during pregnancy is a good idea? The answer is, yes. In fact, it will make your life even better during the pre- and post- pregnancy periods. It will keep your motives high all day long, help you experience a fit pregnancy, make you feel fresh, happy and will surely give you better sleep. Women who exercise during pregnancy also have better control over expected mood swings.

#2 Know your Limits

Workout Routines During Pregnancy


It is important to exercise but more important to take care of your health and pregnancy. If you were a gym personality before a mom-to-be then you must know that all the fast tempo jumping stuff is not a part of your league now. It is also a good idea to consult your doctor and trainer to give you a suitable workout plan specially made for pregnant women. The baby inside you takes all your vigor and you are left with just a little of it for yourself, so the bottom-line is to be acquainted with simple routines that your body is comfortable with.

#3 Do it Right

Workout Tips For Pregnant Women


When it comes to gears, a lot of women are in the wrong one while working out. You may not realize this but it is really important for pregnant ladies to wear clothes that are the snug fit with a sports bra beneath to keep the breasts firm and in place. It is also vital to choose the right pair of shoes. Sports shoes with a comfortable fit, cozy cushion for heels and a strong sole is an ideal choice. It is best to drink a lot of water before running (run only if you used to) to avoid dehydration. Don’t run to the point of fatigue. Also, be sure not to exercise on an empty stomach or working out will cause you more harm than good.

#4 Benefits of Pregnancy Fitness

Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy
If you think exercise during pregnancy is just about keeping you in shape, it’s not. There are many other benefits of jumping on the bandwagon of pregnancy fitness. Aside from a good looking body, it will give you the fortitude to bear the labor and also take less of your time to help you get your old body back after delivery. Your stretch marks will disappear faster. You will get more time to spend with yourself to cope with the changes appearing in your body.


Preventative Measures

If you feel Contractions, Headache, Breathlessness, Vaginal Bleeding or see any liquid coming out of your vagina, then contact your doctor immediately.

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