Hair Care Resolutions You Should Make This Year

Hair Care Resolutions You Should Make This Year
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The state of your hair can make or break a first impression. Proper hair care should be followed as part of your daily regimen. Your hair is your crowning glory that needs the same tender loving care you give to your face and body. If you treat it with the same bad habits, you’ll have to go through a costly process to repair it at the end. So how do you ensure that you are following a proper hair care routine every single day? Here are some step-by-step hair care tips for your Hair Care Resolutions You Should Make This Year, which your hair will thank you for.

1. Washing Your Hair

Hair Care Resolutions Washing Your Hair


There are hundreds of hair tips out there, and if you could only do one, let it be washing your hair the right way. Remember to wash your hair every other day or twice a week so that you don’t lose your hair’s natural oils. Using shampoo every day will leave your hair dry and frizzy. Use a good quality shampoo, preferably organic. Avoid using shampoos that have sulfates or parabens. If you have a case of dandruff, wash your hair two times each time you take a shower.

2. Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioning Your Hair Hair Care Resolutions


Proper hair care is just not proper unless you use the right conditioner for your hair type. Check the label of your conditioner to make sure it addresses your hair type, hair length and damage treatment. Condition your hair after using shampoo and leave it on for at least a minute, as part of your hair care routine. To give more love to your hair, use a deep conditioner once every week to give it a boost.

3. Using Hair Products

Using Hair Products Hair Care Resolutions


An important hair care routine is to avoid products that contain too much protein since this will cause brittleness to your hair. Use conditioners or hair products with balanced ingredients for proper hair care. If you are going to use a frizz-control serum, just use a small amount and wash your hair once a week with a deep cleansing shampoo to prevent build-up.

4. Avoid the Blow Dryer If You Can Help It

Hair Care Resolutions Avoid The Blow Dryer


Although a quick styling technique, too much blow drying can damage your hair. If you need to use a blow dryer, let your hair air-dry first, then blow dry with the dryer set on the lowest temperature, and just use it once a week. Complete Air-drying is still the best hair care option.

5. Sure-Fire Home Remedy

Hair Care Resolutions Sure Fire Home Remedy For Your Hair


It’s a good habit to rinse your hair with vinegar at least once every six months. This will help your hair look cleaner and shinier. It’s also effective in treating dandruff. This is perhaps one hair care tip that you wished you’ve done sooner. To make a vinegar rinse, mix one part organic apple cider vinegar to 3 parts warm water. Wash your hair thoroughly with the vinegar solution then shampoo and condition as usual.

Make these hair care tips a part of your beauty routine for the New Year. They’re easy to follow and don’t even cost a lot.  Preventive measures such as the hair tips above are better than expensive treatments in salons. For 2016, make this hair care routine a part of your beauty resolutions to bring out your best self.

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