Hair Trends 2017

Hair Trends 2017

Oftentimes, I get to read e-mails, comments on my ONYC World Blog from the women asking me about the timeless hairstyle, the ways to manage hair, hair extensions and the best wedding hairstyle for the bride and the bridesmaid and I feel like a teacher addressing the very same problem of all the students.

So, what are the Hair Trends that you must pick in 2014? Let’s reveal every layer of the Sweet Tangled Hairy Cake.


From Riches to Rags – Yes, now is the moment to neutralize your shiny sprayed look of spring by bestowing a rough textured facade to your hair. Get your hair more plainspoken and rustic to give yourself an abandoned look. The crispness of your hairdo will be a foil for your attire.  I recommend women with a short to medium hair to get this hairstyle. To all the Blondes and Redheads – Don’t miss this snugly tattered look.

Reese Witherspoon Medium Length Hairstyle
How to get this Look from Hair Trends 2014? – Use a very small amount of hair serum and centre-part or side-part your locks before you blow-dry them to give grime old school sensation to your persona. Press the lower end of your hair and feel in yourself a gorgeous woman.

 Braids from the Past – With an undone grain in your hair and tangled tendrils wrenched out to your touching your forehead muscles, this is the look that has been brought back by designers from the 18th century’s fairy tales. This can be your unique selection because this stunning though outdated advent looks extravagant on almost all the face types.Hair Trends

 How to get this look from Hair Trends 2014? – As I said every face-type complements this look in some or the other way. So, Centre-part or side-part your hair and make sure that you leave a section of your hair from the front untied, for such emergence you’ve got to have braids as thick as you can and when you are done making them, press them hot and say hello to the Repunzel in you.

Formally Informal – Ponytails have always been the most looked-for and looked-after hairstyles of all time. The reason is easily suggestible; they can be put on by anyone anywhere. I recommend ponytails to Blondes and Brunettes.  A one side detailed cut can get you the ponytail you always longed for.
Ponytail Hair Style
How to get this look from Hair Trends 2014? – Leave a chunk of your hair untied and fasten the lower part of your hair with a hair accessory like headband or chain, now adorn the accessory with the part of your hair section you left in the beginning on the each side of your head.

Chopped, Short and Away – Women, with short hair are left behind at the mercy of wigs. This time I’ve got something for them to balance the equation on the each side. There is an unrivalled evenness in short hair. Short Hairstyles will always make you recollect the teenage dreams that wanted to come true in those days.

Short And Choppy Hairstyles

How to get this look from Hair Trends 2014? – Of course, you need short hair for this Hairstyle, also, you can have the extreme tips of your hair a little bit curled and splashed with uneven array of tomes to underline those curls. Don’t you worry; this hairstyle will go with every possible stereotypical hair type and face type.

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