How To Get Through a Small Business During Slow Seasons

How To Get Through a Small Business During Slow Seasons
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Generate Revenue For Your Small Business During Slow Seasons

When I started my business back in 2007, it was not all that easy. Challenges can stall a small business during the slow seasons but this should not be a reason for discouragement. For me, this is not at all bad news. With ONYC® Hair, I made it a point to use the slow season to improve on my service and products. If you want to learn more about how I dealt with it, go ahead and read my blog below.


Small Business During Slow Seasons

Stretch Out Your Network

Marketing my small business during slow seasons is the best practice that I have acquired in my years as an entrepreneur. I made an effort to communicate with my existing customers and offer them some promos and new products. Sales from these can put my business back on track and remain to be a familiar name in the trade industry. The keyword here is stretch. Stretch your network so you can also stretch your sales even in the off-peak period.

Small Business During Slow Seasons Giveaway

Give Away Gifts

Now that you have reached out to your loyal customers, you can already offer them promos and deals. For one, you can pair every customer purchase with a new product or other products that you would like them to try. Like me, everyone likes free stuff that is why you should take this strategy and let your customers know about your other products. Giving away samples can make your customers very happy and valued. Your appreciation of their loyalty can go a long way and in turn can increase sales for your company. Making your customers feel important is one of the most effective practices to do for your small business during the slow seasons.

Small Business During Slow Seasons Flash Sale Discount

Do Random Sales

It’s really a must that your business will stay afloat during the off-season. Random sale is like a pop-up sale where you just suddenly announce a sale of your products without prior notice. Based from my experience, this strategy made my customers check my online website regularly to check if I’ll be having a sale. It can result into a snowball effect wherein your customers fall into a habit of always checking your store. If your store is online, you can use promo codes that your customers can use in availing the sale. It creates online traffic at the same time gives you an inexpensive way of promoting your small business.

small business during slow season

Shower Some Rewards and Incentives

Another idea that I thought of is by making incentive programs for your customers when business is off-season. You can do a Buy 3, Get 1 Free program which can entice your customers to buy more items from your store or do a points program wherein customers earn points on every purchase and upon reaching a specific number of points; they will be entitled to get a reward or discount for your products. Sounds easy right? This is also one low-cost way to get your small business during slow seasons get going.

Referral Program Refer a Friend Word of Mouth small business during slow season

Begin a Referral Program

Now let’s talk about how you can gain new customers for your small business. I am also a shopper myself and I find this way very effective for adding customers in your client list. Once you have established your base of loyal customers, you can now create a referral program where they will earn rewards or points by just simply referring friends. You can use the online platform for promoting this where your loyal customers can get referrals by simply sharing your website address or a simple review of your products.

It is very challenging for a small business during slow seasons, so you better be ready with these tips when the time comes because they will really come in handy. Fortunately, I have survived so far and all it took is for me to really know my clients/ customers and how to reach them and widen my coverage.

How about you? Do you also have small business? Tell us how you managed to stay afloat during the off-season in the comment section below!

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