How to Lose Weight by Dancing

How to Lose Weight by Dancing
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Losing weight is never a walk in the park; however, when we aim to lose weight by dancing, it is just as enjoyable! Read on and find out why.

Remember those times when you attempt to engage yourself in numerous exercise routines but fail to see results? Believe it or not, your love for fitness recedes the same way your enthusiasm does every time you see that you are left with the same body you started with every passing day.Your exercise routines begin to fall off your schedule and eventually get a boring description in your journals from thenceforth. If this story sounds familiar, then you better move those legs, shake your hips, wiggle your belly, and point your fingers to the sound of music because we will bring you these dance moves to aid your weight loss.

Lose weight by dancing to these seven dance workout routines.

Kicking out your fats by strutting on those dance moves is definitely still an exercise, but worry no more, we have compiled a list of the best dances that have claimed the throne of making millions succeed with joy in their weight loss journey.

1| Hip Hop


Hip Hop Dance For Weight LossDance the pain and sweat away beyond adoration as hip hop lets you move and groove your body to every beat of the music. The more you stir your legs and arms to the jive of the music, the greater weight loss you will experience! This dance form tones up your undefined muscles, particularly in the abdomen and chest, and burns the fat more in the said areas.

It doesn’t really matter if you are just a beginner or a veteran; hip hop dance moves give you the freedom to be ageless. You can divulge yourself to the bounce of the bass while giving your body the perfect form. 

2| Salsa

Salsa Dance For Weight LossEveryone loves Salsa! If you don’t have any idea what it is, then you must be living under a rock or you just came from outer space. This magical dance is more of an eye-candy when you do it for the sake of losing weight. It is visually-stimulating especially because it is better performed with a partner as it involves a set of side-by-side steps and interactive footwork. Better prepare your feet because you will do the dazzling salsa with your best buddies – your high heels!


3| Pole Dance


Pole Dance For FitnessPole dancing started in strip clubs but has positively evolved into a healthy dance work-out in gym clubs. It surely has a special place in the 21st century when erotic is blended with being robust all at the same time. If you are born with flexible limbs, then this is the perfect addition to your bucket list. The best part of this dance is being able to know how to balance your body in different angles using the pole while strengthening your core leading toweight loss. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reach that pole!

4| Belly Dance


Belly Dance Your Way To FitnessIf you are one of those people looking for dance moves with exquisite and harmonizing movements which make you lose weight in just a week or two, then belly dancing is just the thing for you.  Flaunt those curvy hips and get those body waves at work by taking belly dance classes. Belly dance is the easiest way for you to lose weight, shape your buttocks, tone your thighs, improve your blood circulation, and definitely trim your waist. Once you master the art of swaying your belly and hips, you are definitely ready to take the heat to the next level.

5| Ballet

Ballet Dance For FitnessBallet does not really require much intensity but albeit its easy dance forms, it takes a spot in my list because it requires alignment of the body. The previous dances I have talked about are more effective in losing weight but ballet is the one that helps in maintaining the shape and form of your slimmer body. Flexibility, elegance, stance and control are the key points in dancing ballet. It does not only help you maintain your form and weight, it also enhances your sense of balance. This dance shall give you better, toned triceps, thighs, and shoulders when done regularly.


6| African Kwasa-Kwasa

African Dance Kwasakwasa Moves


The kwasa-kwasa dance was originated from Congo, Africa which gained popularity in the late 1980s. It involves the back and forth movement of your hips while your hands follow to the beat. The rhythmic movement of both the hips and hands mostly targets the muscles in your thighs, abdomen, and arms helping you burn fat more easily. You can mix contemporary steps with kwasa dance moves and discover a refreshing and lively way of losing weight.

7| Samba


Samba Dance MovesSamba dancing gives me utter enjoyment when it comes to losing weight and strengthening my core that is why it tops my list. It involves consistent movement of various body parts swaying to the tune of Latin music. Aside from weight loss, samba dance moves can also enhance proper breathing and provide your body a toner form as the steps are very intense. It makes you body pump more oxygen and make your muscles work harder. The Brazilian jive of samba adds energy and fun to your usual workout routine, so better prepare your legs and hips for this super enjoyable dance workout minus the costumes!

Wait no more and head to the nearest gym club in your place to experience these exciting dance moves. Lose weight, have fun, and feel great!



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