Instant Longer and Fuller Hair with Clip in Extensions

Instant Longer and Fuller Hair with Clip in Extensions
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There are plenty of benefits of clip in hair extensions. To name a few, it is the best and most cost effective method for women who long for longer and fuller hair in an instant. Types of hair extension installations include glued-in, sewn-in, infused and of course clip-in. Whatever your reason for using clip in hair extensions, it is always better to do your own research before you give it a try. I know quite a bit about this topic as I am in the hair extension business J, so here’s my take on clip in hair extensions.

1. Where do clip in hair extensions come from?

ONYC 7 Piece Clip In Relaxed Hair 3 E


There’s a lot of rumors around that clip in hair extensions are made of horse hair or comes from dead people hair. Well this is all wrong. Most companies do use synthetic hair mixed with human (donor) or horse hair but they are not 100% human hair. The best clip in hair extensions brands like ONYC® offer authentic human hair from donors. ONYC® hair extensions are 100% full cuticle human hair that comes directly from verifiable donors from all around the world.

2. What clip in hair extensions should you choose?

7 Piece Clip In Silky Straight Blond 613 Hair


Most hair extension companies supply a specific texture that only matches a small group of women’s natural hair texture. ONYC® has a variety of clip in extensions for all hair types. From European to Ethnic hair, you can find a match for the true texture of your hair. It is very vital that you choose the same exact texture as your natural hair, otherwise you are going to have a major hair extension accident, which I will explain later in the cons.

Here are different hair textures offered at ONYC® Hair for clip in extensions

ONYC® Hair Silky Straight

ONYC Hair Silky Straight


This clip in hair extension is super silky with a sleek and shiny finish. Despite being shiny and silky, the texture of Silky Straight hair extension contains the body and volume that will show a real difference in your appearance. You can get longer hair instantly with this extension.

 Textured Straight

There are three different textures and styles in Textured Straight hair extensions. Depending on your natural hair texture, you can go for any of these that best compliment your hair.

  • Fro-Out Kinky Straight

The Fro-Out Kinky Straight is perfect for women who would like more volume and movement in their hair. It is also cost effective thanks to its full texture.

  • Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave

Coarse Yaki Clip In Hair Texture ONYC Hair Relaxed-Perm Hair helps you achieve fuller hair and easily blends with African-American hair texture. It also comes with matching closure for a seamless finish.


  • Light Relaxed-Perm Hair Weave

ight Yaki Clip In Hair Texture ONYC Hair

Light Relaxed-Perm Hair extensions have two different types – budget friendly made of Remy hair and Cuticle hair which is better quality and more expensive. Both hair extensions however are meticulously processed and made with care to give a relaxed perm and fuller hair with extra length.

Kink Curly

Kinky Curly Clipin 3B3C HairKinky Curly hair extensions help you achieve the perfect medium-coarse texture with the length and volume you desire. Kinky Curly hair extensions by ONYC® hair has been voted the best natural hair texture and long life by many renowned publications.

Afro Kinky

ONYC Hair Kinky Curly Textured Clipin

To get Afro kinky curls you can go for ONYC’s Tight Kinky Curly Texture which is coarser with tighter curls than kinky curly hair extension. It offers a lot of volume and curly frizz to compliment the look.

Pros of Clip in Hair Extensions:

Instant Longer and Fuller Hair with Clip in Extensions


  • Compared to weft hair weaves, clip in hair extensions can be very cost effective.
  • It is also very easy to use clip in hair extensions. One can clip them in without anyone’s help.
  • Clip in hair extensions are not a big commitment and can be very useful to try new looks and colors. Good quality clip in extensions can be highlighted without damaging your real hair and the results can be amazing if done right.
  • Clip in hair extensions are not just to add length but also to add volume and fullness to the hair. I have many clients who get clip ins simply to add shine and a little texture to their hair.
  • Of course the MOST relevant benefits of using clip in hair extensions is to add length to the hair in an instant.

Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions:

Bad Clip In Hair Extensions


  • For extensions to work and look realistic your natural hair needs to be a certain length.Ideally clip in hair extensions won’t work on hair that’s shorter than 6”.
  • Clips ins are not recommended for very fine hair due to the weight and also because there’s a high chance of clips showing under thin hair.
  • Clip ins are also not recommended for very thick hair. The only way it will work is if you find clip in hair extensions that exactly match the texture of your real hair.

So which of the clip in hair extensions matches with your natural hair?  What would be your reason for using clip ins, to get longer hair or fuller hair?

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