Lake Malawi | Visit The Biggest Body of Water in Africa

Lake Malawi | Visit The Biggest Body of Water in Africa
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Lake Malawi For African Explorers!

There is something beautiful about Lake Malawi that will want you to keep coming back. If you haven’t been to the area yet, then I urge you to go here, as it’s one of the most popular African vacations! With breathtaking views, luxurious accommodation, and an exotic national park to visit, it should be part of your travel bucket list. Read on as I talk about the amazing Lake Malawi and the best it has to offer.

Why You Need to Visit Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions and the biggest body of water in Africa. It’s got the vast body of freshwater lined with beaches that have golden sand. It’s a scenic wonderland, a relaxing destination but with room for adventurers who look forward to more than just sand, sun, and swimming. It’s about 365 miles long and 52 miles broad, which is why it is also, called the calendar lake.

Lake Malawi And Beaches Around ItUp north, the lake is deep (700 meters below sea level!), and with a width of 16 miles, you will never run out of the water.

Fishing In Lake MalawiIt has the rich fish harvest that helps improve the economy. You can find fishing villages scattered along the shore with the practices and traditional industry being part of an attraction to those visiting. It is the best for those who LOVE the waters and want to spend their African vacations by the beach, may it be lounging and absorbing the scenic views, or playing water sports or other lake activities.

What to Do In Lake Malawi

Are you planning your trip to Lake Malawi and don’t know where to start? Try these three excellent ideas:

1.  Water Sports

Snorkeling Lake MalawiLike what I mentioned, Lake Malawi is popular for its waters, and you can do an abundant of sports here, such as water skiing, sailboarding, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, or even snorkeling!

2. Bask in the Sun and View

Boating Lake Malawi Faces Of OnyNot only can you sit in the sun and enjoy the sandy beaches, but you can also soak up the view and enjoy a relaxing vacation with no worries. Opt to take a boat trip, which takes you all around the islands and watch the fish swimming around.

3. Meet With Locals and Explore Villages

Locals Lake Malawi Faces Of OnyWhen traveling, you can learn all about the history and culture in Malawi by interacting with the locals and participating in tours. You can either join the tours or venture out by yourself. Locals will love to guide you around and teach you a bit of Chichewa!

Lake Malawi Accommodation

If you are looking for a place to stay in Lake Malawi, accommodation is no problem. There are numerous lodges down by the lakeshore, as well as hotels nearby.

Accomodation Lake Malawi Faces Of OnyWe recommend the Mangochi Lakeshore, which has a variety of accommodations, from lodges to hotels. Independent traveler? Nkhata Bay is a center for solo backpackers with chances to meet new people. For those who want to be near the beaches, then go to lodges by Senga Bay, Chintheche lakeshore, or stay near the Lake Malawi National Park.

With world-class beach resorts situated in the area, Lake Malawi is the ultimate escape for many travelers. Hopefully, you get to visit soon!

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