My Trip to Florence, Italy

My Trip to Florence, Italy
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During my Europe tour last year while visiting Italy, I traveled from Rome to Florence via train which is one of the best Italian cities. Florence is situated at the heart of the major highways and rail junctions in Italy. The choice of arriving by train is without a doubt the ideal one! Palazzo Vecchio FlorencePalazzo Vecchio Florence

This trip to Florence gave me a chance to see the artsy side and history of Italy in a beautiful way. The Uffizi Gallery is the busiest place in the entire city which is open for visitors for limited time each year. Thousands of people gather every season to take a tour of the amazing gallery during their trip to Florence. In my experience, it is very much worth the extra few euros to book a private tour guide and skip the line if you want to avoid standing long hours in the queue.Original David Sculpture In Florence ItalyOriginal David Sculpture in Florence Italy

It was incredible to see the David sculpture which is an iconic sculpture built between 1501 and 1504, by Michelangelo. The statue represents the Biblical figure David who is a superior subject in the art of Florence.Santa Maria Novella Church Florence ItalySanta Maria Novella Church Florence Italy

Visiting Italy means being lucky enough to see some of world’s most beautiful churches. You’ll often have to buy a ticket to enter many of Florence’s churches. You can visit the Duomo for free however for Bell tower, the Dome and the Baptistery you will have to get three different entry tickets. Santa Croce is the richest church in Florence which contains the remnants of artistic people such as Enrico Fermi, Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei.Porcellino Fountain FlorencePorcellino Fountain Florence

If you have some extra time left, do check out the area on the other side of the Arno, beyond Ponte Vecchio, which are rich in treasures and marvels. For a little relaxation from walking, I went to Piazza della Repubblica which is a large square in downtown Florence. It was built on the grounds of Mercato Vecchio and ghetto. The area was extremely crowded with tourist and has forever been a busy place with shops, stalls, churches, houses, monuments, and synagogues since the medieval period.Beautiful Leather Goods On The Street Of FlorenceBeautiful Leather Goods on the Street of Florence

One of the reasons Florence is one of the best Italian cities is because it interests not only art lovers but shopping lovers too. Bags and accessories in leather, local products and souvenirs, are definitely worth shopping for. You would also notice large and many flea markets, such as the market of San Lorenzo, the market delle Pulci, and the Mercato Nuovo. All these markets also offer great value-for-money products.Shopping At Pratesi FirenzeShopping at Pratesi Firenze

Being a bag lover, I could not resist the leather goods.  I ended up buying two one of a kind leather bags from a local Florence designer Pratesi Firenze.Piazza Della Repubblica FlorencePiazza della Repubblica  Florence

Not too far from Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria, there’s the Loggia del MercatoNuovo. The place constantly attracts flocks of tourists. I walked under the portico of the Mercato Nuovo and did more than rub the nose of the famous porcellino for good luck. I heard if the coin drops through the grate, Florence will bring me good fortune!Enjoying Florence RavioliEnjoying Florence Ravioli

To seal my Florence experience, I opted for a traditional Florence Ravioli for dinner, packed my bags and to Sardinia I went the next morning!

After visiting Florence I can vouch that it is one of the best Italian cities without a doubt.

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