Naming Your Business: Important Points to Consider

Naming Your Business: Important Points to Consider

Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike – you are familiar with all these names. And there’s a story behind each of these famous names.

When starting a business, every tiny detail is crucial but most of all it’s the business name that entrepreneurs like you need to worry most about. Naming your business is more or less like getting a tattoo – it’s permanent and you don’t want to regret it after a few years pass by. So, here are 5 important points that you should consider when naming your business.

Memorable Name

When starting a business, pick a name that’s easy to remember, yet not so GENERIC and SIMPLE. Your business name should resonate with customers. So go for something that builds mystery and lingers in customers’ heads for a while.
Seo Naming New Business
A Name that’s Easy for SEO

Whether you are a food chain or a beauty company, in this tech savvy generation everyone needs to be present in the web world. It is vital that your business name doesn’t get lost amid other companies. Also, steer clear of similar sounding names.

Looks Matter

Remember that you’ll need to get signage, logos etc for your business – so it is a smart move to visualize how your business name would appear on those. Business names that are too long can look odd on signage boards, so keep all these aspects in mind when naming your business.
Run A Research Naming A New Business
Run a Research

Here’s a good business name idea technique for you. Before finalizing your business name, run a small research and quiz close friends and fellow entrepreneurs on the shortlisted business names. Ask them what thought do the names evoke and how easy are they to pronounce, spell and remember. This will smooth the process for you by miles.

Don’t Go For a Trendy Name

When starting a business, every entrepreneur wishes for their business name to smoothly blend in the business world. Keeping this factor in mind, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of picking a ‘trendy’ name. What they don’t realize is that what’s trendy now may not sound the same 10 years from now. So, go for a name that’s easy, timeless and classy.

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