ONYC Body 2 Wavy™ Body Wave Hair Extensions

ONYC Body 2 Wavy™ Body Wave Hair Extensions
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Experience The Natural Beauty of ONYC® Body Wave Hair Extensions

There was a time when women used to depend on hair weave to increase the length of their hair but not anymore! With so many varieties of hair extensions, women now have the option to experiment with not only length but color, style, and different textures. Being a hair weave enthusiast and the owner of ONYC Hair, I’ve had the chance of working and experimenting with a ton of hair weaves especially Remy Hair Extensions. In my opinion, there’s so much you can do with human hair weaves that you probably won’t consider trying on your own hair. Today I would like to share my love affair with ONYCBody Wave Hair Extensions known as Body 2 Wavy™.

Easy to Manage

Easy Manage Back View Thelma Okoro Wearing ONYC Hair


ONYC® body wave hair extensions are one of the easiest extensions to wear and maintain in our collection of hair weaves. They are perfect for the beach or any other event and come with natural loose waves that we drool over. The Body 2 Wavy is one of my favorite hair weaves in our body wave collection because of the get-up-and-go manageability in its natural state.


10 to 28 inches ONYC Body 2 Wavy Hair In Natural State New


ONYC® body wave hair extensions comes in various lengths starting from 10” to 28”. The hair is 100% full cuticle virgin Mongolian hair and the texture is really soft with a very natural feel to it. This hair weave is double weft for easy weft splitting and weighs only 100g. Even though the body wave hair extensions comes in just one color – natural black, it’s absolutely safe and incredibly easy to dye with any hair color of your choice. You can color it however many times you like in order to keep up with the latest hair trends. J


Easy To Manage ONYC Body 2 Wavy Hair In Natural State


This hair weave can be styled in any way you like. I have literally tried all hairstyles on this hair extension and the wavy texture makes every hairstyle look amazingly gorgeous. The texture of this hair weave also helps in keeping braided and bun hairstyles intact for longer hours. This hair extension is absolutely heat-safe, so you can straighten or curl your hair further with a curling iron. This hair weave would be naturally wavy and bouncy if you don’t straighten or curl it at all.


Low Maintenance Hair Extension ONYC Body 2 Wavy Hair In Natural State


In my experience tea tree oil shampoo works best on this hair weave as it provides sufficient moisture. Tea tree shampoo also helps manage tangles and keep your weave smelling and feeling fresh. Normally this hair doesn’t shed or tangle at all but this may change depending on how an individual handles it. A little bit of hair shedding is completely natural if your lifestyle requires you to comb your weaves a lot, it can also vary depending on your personal hair styling regimen. When you’ve installed this hair weave it would help to use a proper hair brush to avoid tangles. ONYC® hair also offers smoothing serum and other hair extension products on our website that can help manage tangles and shedding.

Check out Onyc Body 2 Wavy Hair on our website.

• Two bundles of 22”
• One bundle of 20”
• 16-18″ large closure

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