How To: Romantic Makeup Look For Valentine’s Day

How To: Romantic Makeup Look For Valentine’s Day

Over the last couple days I have shared my tips on romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles and what to wear on this special day. Now it’s time to discuss the most important essence of your Valentine’s day look – the makeup.

So, you’ve decided on what to wear, your hair is done and now you are contemplating whether to keep you makeup natural or go all out tonight. Here’s a little tip: ‘Less is MORE’. There are numerous looks you can choose from to impress your date but here are 5 of my favorite romantic makeup looks for Valentine’s Day that would suit every skin tone and will definitely make your date swoon all night.

1. Golden Eyes and Berry Lips

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Jennifer Lopez


I would opt for Jennifer Lopez’s dewy makeup look over any other any day. This is the easiest and most perfect eye makeup idea. The soft gold eye shadow and dark berry lips make a really pretty combination.

Start on a clean face, moisturize and apply foundation. Apply eye primer on your lids (this makes the eye makeup stay longer). Lightly apply gold eye shadow on your lids and blend using a blending brush. Apply eyeliner, mascara and fill in your brows for a more polished look. Lastly, smooth on your lipstick and you are good to go.

2. Glowing Face and Nude Lips

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Kim Kardashian


Kim’s chiseled look focuses less on the eyes and lips and more on the skin to make it look radiant. This look is ideal for all skin tones and with the right outfit and hairstyles; you’ll be the star of the night. Start by applying concealer under the eyes, the center of the forehead, above the lips and on the chin area. Blend it well and top off with a light weight foundation. Blend everything together and lightly slap on some blush to color to your cheeks. Apply shimmery neutral shade eye shadow over your eyelids, line your lash line and apply mascara to enhance your eyes. Smooth on the softest nude lipstick and you are ready for your big night.

3. Coral Makeup Look

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Orange Lipstick


Coral is one of my favorite colors in lighter shades of makeup. You’ll thank me for this fabulous lip makeup tip after your Valentine’s Day date. This color is perfect to draw attention with just a hint of sexiness. Line for your lips first for a more defined appearance then fill in with the lip shade. Keep your eyes neutral by applying a lighter shade eye shadow. Apply eyeliner, mascara and you can also opt for fake lashes for a slightly dramatic look. Apply coral blush to match the lips and be sure not to overdo the blush.


4. Smokey Eyes

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Smokey Eyes


How can I forget smokey eyes when discussing romantic makeup look for Valentine. It’s not easy to do or maintain the smokey eye makeup as it’s too dark and can melt on the eyes over time. Thankfully, now smokey eye look can be achieved with any eye shadow with just a hint of black. So, I say, go for teal, dark green or mauve eye shadow combined with black to achieve the perfect smokey eye makeup. Line your lower lash line with a different shade of eye pencil to make your eyes look bold. Apply light pink or nude lipstick to draw the attention to your eyes.

5. Pink Flushed Look

Romantic Valentines Day Makeup Zoe Saldana


The last look is inspired by Zoe Saldana’s very simple and flushed look. The brown eye shadow paired with pink lipstick is nothing less than gorgeous. And a hint of pink flush on the cheeks makes the look so pretty and yet natural. Be sure to line your lips before applying your lip shade as your lips would be the center of the look. Lightly apply pink blush on your cheeks and blend till it’s absolutely seamless.

So, which of the looks was your favorite? Which makeup look would you go with on your special Valentine’s Day date?

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