Romantic Valentines Day Hairstyles| Long, Medium and Short Hair

Romantic Valentines Day Hairstyles| Long, Medium and Short Hair
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Every day is a celebration of love but there’s something special about Valentine’s day that sets the mood automatically. Whether you are getting ready for a date with your long term partner, husband or for a blind date, this day needs to be perfect in every way. Back in the day styling romantic hairstyles used to be a huge hassle which took like hours to style.

However, in the recent years we are crazy for romantic hairstyles that are soft, casual, touchable and easy on the eyes and the best part; they are incredibly easy to master.  Being in the hair business, I have tried hundreds of hairstyles on myself as well as my clients and I have mastered the perfect way to create the most romantic hairstyles in the easiest way. Here are my favorite romantic Valentine hairstyles perfect for long, medium and short hair.

Sexy Braided Hairstyle For Long HairJennifer Hudson Sexy Braided Hairstyle For Long HairThere’s something really sexy about braided hairstyles. And the longer your locks, the better it’ll look. This special hairdo is ideal for medium to long hair and it’s a perfect night hairstyle. Ofcourse, women with short hair can also go for this look with clip in hair extensions or hair weave. Since women have shorter hair these days courtesy to the 2015 & 2016 hair trend, it would be difficult to achieve this romantic hairstyle. In this case, you can try hair weave or clip in hair extensions with strong clips to hold the hairstyle longer.

Styling Tips:

1. Start by brushing your hair out and create a deep side part.

2. Now take 2 inch section of your bangs on both sides and create two separate braids.

3. Pull the braid back on each side and secure with a few bobby pins.

4. Tease the crown to add volume to your hair.

Natural Curls For Medium HairNatural Curls For Medium HairHere’s another simple and elegant date hairstyle which would only take like 5 minutes to be styled. This hairdo will work great on short, medium or long hair. This night hairstyle is achieved with natural curls, so either curl your hair with a curling wand or create natural curls following a simple procedure.

Styling Tips:

1. Start on slightly damp hair. Choose a hair serum or styling mousse of your choice and massage it all over your hair and roots.

2. Now, to achieve natural curls, divide your hair into 5-6 sections and start twisting each section tightly until it starts to coil into a small bun on its own. Secure each bun with a hair tie.

3. Once all the sections are styled into tight buns, let your hair air dry or use blow dryer to fasten the drying process. You can also do this the night before and leave it overnight for long lasting curls.

4. Unsecure the buns once your hair feels dry and apply a few drops of hair shine serum while scrunching your hair to add volume.

5. Lightly tease the ends of your hair and create a side part using your fingers for a flowy look.

6. Let your hair casually fall on the parted side. On the other side, take a thin strand of the front section, twist it away from the face a couple times and secure with a bobby pin. Accessorize by adding a fancy hair clip to add glamour to your hair (One with most detail would be better for this special date hairstyle).

To avoid the hair curling procedure, use pre-curled hair weave or clip in hair extensions. The result would be the same and you’ll save a lot more time.

Braided Hairdo for Short Hair

Braided Hairdo for Short Hair


If you are rocking a long bob like most women right now, this pretty date hairstyle is perfect for you. That said, it’s a versatile hairstyle and ideal for medium and long hair too.

Styling Tips:

1. Lightly curl your hair with a curling wand.

2. Create a middle part and on one side and gather your bangs.

3. Loosely braid your bangs in a regular braid or go for an upside down French braid.

4. Once you reach the bottom, secure the braid with a hair tie.

5. Now pull the braid back to the crown area and using a few bobby pins, secure the braid in place. Be sure to hide the bobby pins under your hair.

Twisted Side Braid For Natural Ethnic Hair

Twisted Side Braid For Natural Ethnic Hair


Women think that it’s difficult to style hairstyles on natural ethnic hair however, there are tons of gorgeous hairstyles that sit amazingly well on natural ethnic hair thanks to the great texture.

Most people with natural hair like 3b, 3c and 4a seldom have longer lengths; this is NOT because their hair doesn’t grow but because it is hard to retain lengths. Protective styling like weaves can help add some length. Make sure the texture matches your natural hair. The braid out and two strand twist are some of the ways to achieve sexy hair styles that are perfect for Valentine’s day. The right hair product can tame frizzy bits and make your locks more manageable.

Styling Tips:

1. Brush out your locks and twist the front section away from your face from one side to the other.

2. Now gather all your hair and braid it into a nice side braid.

Braid Out For Medium to Short Natural Ethnic Hair

Natural Braid Out Kinky Straight Hair Onyc


If your natural hair is medium to short, you can still rock short sexy hairstyles for Valentin’s Day. Braid out, two strand twist and Bantu knots look great and can be super sexy on natural hair as well.

Styling Tips:

1. Start by washing and deep conditioning your locks.

2. Create about 4 to 5 jumbo braids and wrap with satin scarf.  Let your hair dry overnight and unravel braids for some bouncy, voluminous hair that will surely please your date!

So which of these romantic hairstyles was your favorite? Which hairstyle is the best fit for your hair type?

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