Seychelles Beaches- The Beach Lovers Paradise

Seychelles Beaches- The Beach Lovers Paradise
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Explore Seychelles Beaches, One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Africa

Are you looking for the ultimate beach vacation? You must visit the Seychelles beaches, then. They are known as one of the most beautiful islands, with spectacular views and the world-class beaches to match. You’ll be surprised that the Seychelles Beaches images look the same as what you see in real life!  Fine, white sands and sea creatures left untreated, you are only filled with happiness and luxury. Beach lovers will appreciate how fine the sands are and the clarity of the waters, a place where you can lounge in forever.

With the many islands and beaches located in the Seychelles, where are the places you should go to? Here are the top three places to visit when you are planning to go to the Seychelles beaches!

The Three Spectacular Spots of the Seychelles Beaches

1. Anse Intendance in MaheMahe Beach Coastline Beach lovers

The first place to visit when in the Seychelles Beaches would be the Anse Intendance, which is a favorite for many to swim in. It has the long and white sand expanse with one of the most incredible crystal clear turquoise water you’ll ever find around the world.

Reefs do not protect the waters, so you’ll be swimming in some incredible waves, perfect for surfing. It also has the calm and soothing surroundings that make it perfect to sunbathe in. You can also view the turtles, where it’s one of the last islands around Mahe where they nest.

For those who want to visit one of the most fantastic beaches for swimming or enjoying the beautiful sands, then Anse Intendance is the one for you.

2. Anse Lazio in PraslinPraslin Beach vacation

This is the most famous beach in Praslin and one of the best in the country (and the world!). Anse Lazio is home to the clearest azure waters mixed with granite boulders that come out of its seabed and into the shore filled with white sands. And just like in Mahe, no reef protects its waters, so you can enjoy the waves as it crashes and breaks on the granite boulders. It’s gorgeous and another fantastic spot to lounge in.

But being one of the most famous beaches, it can get quite crowded. Remember to go in early and make reservations in restaurants! But not to worry, as it isn’t as crowded as other beaches from around the world. You will still have a chance of getting a nice spot for yourself.

3. Grand Anse in La DigueLa Digue Seychelles beaches images

This is probably the second most visited beach from La Digue. It’s similar to Anse Intendance, though it has the more open scenery. You’ll find more of a bushy and mountainous background and with waves high enough for people to surf or buggy. Another perk in the area is that you get to ride a bike through Grand Anse’s forests, which gives you a challenge and a chance to breathe in the greenery the beach has to offer.


The beautiful Seychelles beaches are open for anyone, with the world-class resorts and the best beaches in the world. For the luxury traveler, you will spend the ultimate R&R here, enjoying the wildlife and basking the sun during the day, enveloped with the forest’s trees throughout the night. Nothing less than a splendid beach vacation! It’s definitely on our bucket list, and if not only for the long flight, it would be a favored destination for a lovely beach vacation.

Hopefully, you’ll be visiting places like Mahe very soon. It’s the beach lovers paradise.

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