Six Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

Six Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

We all know the struggles of trying to keep makeup stay throughout the whole day of work or play! It makes people wonder how to make your makeup last all day because it can be infuriating to find it melting away under the sun or from the rain. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your flawless look staying on an entire day, no matter what you do. So if you’re wondering about how to make your makeup last all day, then read on as I show you the six tips to follow.

Six Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

1.  Start Off Clean 

Start Off Clean Faces Of Ony

For makeup to last the whole day, start with an entirely fresh face. Remove all forms of dirt and oil with a gentle cleanser and pat your skin dry. Then, add a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer with SPF, allowing it to sit for three minutes before applying makeup.

2.  Lock the Makeup In

Lock The Makeup In Faces Of Ony

Make sure that you lock your makeup with translucent powder. This will help smooth out your makeup and remove excess oil. Use a makeup setting spray, which helps completely lock your makeup into place, having the powder look like it’s part of your natural skin.

3.  Pick the Right Products

Pick The Right Product Faces Of Ony

Make sure that you don’t only apply the makeup correctly, but you choose one that has the long-lasting properties. Opt for an oil-free foundation with SPF to protect your face the whole day. Begin applying makeup with very thin layers and build up the coverage from there. If the layers are too thick, the makeup will end up being more cake and melt. Don’t layer cream or powder blush. Instead, use a stain that can also be used as a lip product. Switch your eye makeup with those made from waterproof formulas so it will prevent the makeup from smudging throughout the day.

4.  Pack Your Essentials

Pack Your Essentials Faces Of Ony

There will be times you’ll end up with some makeup emergencies, and you wouldn’t want NOT to be prepared for that. Make sure that you keep a small makeup bag filled with your essentials, such as blotting papers, powder, and cream-to-powder makeup stick, which can be used as either a blush or lipstick.

5.  Use Makeup Primer

Use Makeup Primer Faces Of Ony

Using a makeup primer will help fill your pores and blur imperfections. Plus, it has your makeup look even better and lasts longer than usual.

6.  Be Hands-Free!

Be Hands Free! Faces Of Ony

Do NOT touch your face during different times of the day, as the oils in your hands would transfer to your face. This causes your makeup to smudge, and the germs lead to breakouts in the future.

In Conclusion
When it comes to keeping your makeup fresh no matter how long you leave it on for, then these tips will help you out! Through following these methods on how to make your makeup last all day, you’ll have a flawless look without the worry of it getting off anytime soon. So whether you’re using makeup for oily skin or sensitive skin, then try any of these tips to see what works with you.

If you’ve got any questions or would like to share your tips on how to make your makeup last all day, then do comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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