The Important Routine to Follow After Makeup

The Important Routine to Follow After Makeup

I know how tough it can be to find a good routine to follow after makeup, especially since there are so many you can try depending on your skin type. If you’re wondering about what these makeup tips and tricks are, then read on as I show you the seven makeup dos and don’ts to follow!


Routine to Follow After Makeup

1.  Cleansing

Once you have removed all traces of your makeup, clean your face with a gentle face wash or cleanser. You need to ensure that the face wash you use is very gentle and suits your skin type. Also, DON’T keep switching brands. You wouldn’t want to take any risks when caring for your skin!

2.  Makeup Removal

This is the crucial step you read to follow first. Do NOT go to bed with any makeup on to allow your skin to breathe at night! Use makeup remover or wipes. I would recommend micellar water to cleanse your face and remove all traces of makeup gently. Yes, it even removes the stubborn ones on your skin! This is similar to water with oil particles that people with ANY skin type can use (even the most sensitive).

3.  Clean Your Brush

ALWAYS make sure that you clean your brushes to avoid infections and whatnot. Not only is this hygienic, but you’ll save your face from a lot of dirt that may come into your brush’s way.

4.  Moisturize


Moisturizing makes such a huge difference, delaying the aging process. Use a serum or oil-free moisturizers. Incorporate face oils with your routine as well, using rose hip or vitamin E oils. These deeply nourish and heal your skin overnight without your face turning oily. It gives you glowing and supple skin!

5.  Steam

Now, this may sound odd, but steam is your best friend when it comes to removing makeup quickly. Fill your sink with hot water and lean over it for five minutes. This will unclog your pores, so it will be quicker for you to remove the makeup with face soap. Another way is to remove your makeup with oil or baby wipes then steam your face right after. Soak a washcloth in how water, allow it to cool, then place it on your face. Once it has cooled down, the dirt on your face melts away quickly as you wipe it down.

6.  Discard Old Makeup


Don’t hoard your old makeup. If you see anything looking old and crusty, then discard it immediately and stock up with new and trusted makeup in various colors that suit today’s trends and your style!

7.  Toning

Toning Faces Of Ony

Using an astringent or toners is a must after washing the face to let the pH levels return and close your pores. Look for toners that contain witch hazel, which helps firm your skin. Simple rose water works as well!

In Conclusion
If you want the ultimate makeup artist skin prep and have your face look beautiful after putting on makeup, then this routine to follow after makeup is the ultimate one for you. So don’t wait any longer and try these makeup tips and tricks out today!


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