About Thelma Okoro

About Thelma Okoro

Welcome to Faces Of Ony, Thelma Okoro’s Blog

Thelma Okoro is a passionate hair and beauty Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Owerri Nigeria before migrating to USA in 2005, she is the Founder and CEO of ONYC Hair Extensions that she founded in 2007, and Euro Collection Hair founded in July 2017.  She currently lives in Washington DC area.

Thelma and her products have been featured in both U.S. and Nigerian publications such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Vanguard Newspaper, The Nation newspaper and many more.

Her ONYC Hair brand is known as one of the “Top Hair Extensions Brand” by Ebony, Juicy Mag, and Allure magazines.

Now, after witnessing that her business is thriving, she decided to show her fans the other side of her life through ‘Faces Of Ony’ Blog.  Faces of Ony is a unique blog that details her personal style, things she is passionate about, her lifestyle and many varied interests that drive her. Aside from glamour, hair, beauty, fashion, fitness and travel, her blog also includes several aspects of entrepreneurship and insights on running a small business.

She is an avid traveller and lover of all things fashion, so this blog provides context, additional information, and personal experience revolving around these two subjects. For more hair extension tips, make sure to visit her business blogs “ONYC Hair Blog”  and “Euro Collection Hair Blog” where she posts from time to time.

Her business takes her to many exotic and beautiful places across the globe. And when it doesn’t, she packs her bags and travels wherever her heart takes her for leisure. So, if you are passionate about travelling, you both certainly have a lot in common.

Thelma is excited to share her travel experiences with you which also includes her favourite destinations, best places to visit and travel advice!

As a successful entrepreneur, she constantly challenges herself to keep growing through each step of her business and life. Not only does Thelma wish to inspire her readers but also hopes to get inspired and motivated by her readers.

Thelma would love to hear from you guys. Feel free to share your ideas about topics you would like her to cover on Faces of Ony.

For more information on Thelma Okoro or to arrange a meeting, you may contact ONYC PR and Media at prandmedia@onychair.com or call 202-769-6692.

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