Tips to Find Cheap and Best Hotels

Tips to Find Cheap and Best Hotels
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Cheap travel is an interesting topic that every adventurous soul would really love to know (who doesn’t want to travel and see the world without scrapping their bank accounts?) We all love to travel a lot − sometimes even solo, but vacation is always better when we spend it with our loved ones. Cheap family vacation ideas are surely all over the internet, but choosing the best deal out of countless options could be a total dilemma. Never fear though, because I’ll be your fairy godmother for now ☺

Aside from being a dedicated businesswoman, I also love travelling a lot. If I’m not in a business meeting or just working in my office, I may be out of town (or the country) for a quick break in order to find balance in my business and personal life. In my previous posts, I talked about some traveling tips like finding romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe and looking for the best hotels in London. In this blog, I will teach you one of the basic secrets of cheap family vacation ideas − finding economical accommodations.

Tips to Find Affordable Accommodations while Traveling

1. Plan ahead of time

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Planning


Planning ahead of time should be on top of any other tips if you are considering cheap travel. Set the date and start coming up with an itinerary for your vacation. Planning at least a couple of months ahead of time will give you more time to seek affordable flights and room rates in the best family vacation destinations anywhere in the world. Besides, you don’t know when the sale is up.

2. Research

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Research


Research is the key to finding out almost everything that you want to know, and in this case, cheap family vacation ideas. Do a research on the best affordable hotels, inns, bed and breakfast, and hostels to get a background on the location and its amenities. Don’t forget to check on the reviews of other travelers, they could help a lot.

3. Compare hotel prices and other perks

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Hotel Prices


Don’t just jump easily onto discounted hotel rooms and many other inviting promos. When you do your research, make a list of a couple accommodations and juggle the pros and cons of checking into each establishment. Compare hotel prices but do not limit your decision just to the price. Consider the location and its proximity to places that you plan to visit as well as the facilities and services.

4. Hit the hostels

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Hostels


Hostels are quite popular among backpackers and travelers who are up to meeting new friends along the way. For tourists who are up for socialization while traveling and are on a shoestring budget, hostels are a must try. Typical hostel rooms consist of at least 4 to 10 furnished bunk beds, with a communal bathroom, kitchen, and living area. If privacy is not that big of a deal for you and your companions, then you could ditch the expensive hotel and try backpacker hostels instead while making the most out of a memorable cheap travel. Just make sure to choose hostels that provide lockers for safekeeping of your valuables.

5. Go camping

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Camping


Camping is probably one of the best among cheap family vacation ideas, regardless if you are looking for spring vacation ideas or a summer getaway. This is perfect for families who love getting close not only to each other but to nature as well. Cheap travel on remote provinces would be more fun minus the worries of overspending on expensive hotels. A tent and camping hammock will do while you try your luck on your hunting skills.

6. Apply for a home-stay or home exchange program

Tips To Find Cheap And Best Hotels Faces Of ONY Travel Tips Local Homestay Home Exchange Programs


Are you one of those travelers who prefer adventure than leisure? Then a home exchange program is the best cheap travel idea for you. Homes-stay or home exchange programs are really interesting as local hosts offer not only warm accommodations, but also an exchange of the knowledge about each other’s culture and lifestyle.

Going all out for a vacation doesn’t have to be a splurge as flying first class or checking in a five-star hotel. You can enjoy a cheap travel all the same as long as you know where to look for great family vacation destinations that won’t cost you thousands of bucks. So, what are you waiting for? Go pack your bags and get that break that you deserve and been waiting for.

Are there other useful cheap travel tips that you could share? Please feel free to comment below.

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