Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Today’s women are no longer confined to the kitchen baking cookies or doing household chores. They are equally competitive with men, even in the business world. Many of them are quite successful, and guess what, most of their ventures started as small business ideas for women that eventually became a breakthrough in the industry.

Are you aspiring to become one of the successful female entrepreneurs? Here are the top 20 business ideas for women that might actually be your stepping stone towards success.

1. Baking

Baking is a hobby that is well loved by women.  There are many female entrepreneurs who made successful pastry businesses just by being creative and passionate over baking.  You, too, can start a baking business at the comfort of your own kitchen.  You can work from home and sell your products to friends and family.

2. Catering Services

Cooking is another passion that many women are really good at.  It is now made easier with the help from recipes that we can find on the internet, but not everyone has ample time to do it.  Female entrepreneurs find countless opportunities in the food business because it is one of the most basic needs of consumers.  Food catering is very popular among other business ideas for women.

3. Mobile Restaurants

Running a food truck is both innovative and more practical than opening a restaurant, especially for a new business.  This is suitable for female entrepreneurs who are just starting to build their brand and customers.  Besides, mobile restaurants can cover more locations, which equals to more clients.

Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Mobile Restaurants


4. Bed Spacing

Do you have an empty room in your house?  If so, find a guest who can rent the space while you earn easy cash from doing so.   You can sign-up to host exchange students, visiting professors, or even a long-term tenant.

5. Bed and Breakfast

More rooms in the house?  Why not turn them into a ‘bed and breakfast’ lodging space?  With guests checking in,  you will definitely be busy with your work from home job!

6. Babysitting

If you love taking care of children and have lots of free time during the evenings and weekends, you can offer babysitting services to your workaholic friends and neighbors who need a little down time.  You can work from home while playing with the babies, and because you love them, you won’t even get tired.  This is a good sideline source of funds for your other ventures!

7. Tutoring

Babysitting is good, but it’s better if you can offer more to your ‘clients’.  Tutoring kids is actually fun, not to mention that you can earn more on top of the babysitting job.  Besides, you don’t need funds nor a master’s degree for a stay at home jobs like this.

8. Daycare Center

Establishing a small daycare center is just like combining a babysitting and tutoring job, only on a proper educational setting.  Female entrepreneurs who have teaching experience can consider this business venture.
Faces Of Ony Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Daycare Center


9. Pet-Sitting

It is undeniable that almost everyone loves pets.  And if you are a pet lover, then pet-sitting would be an exciting work from home option for you.  Also, walking the dogs is a great workout.

10. Backyard Plant Nursery

Gardening is considered old school.  But don’t you know that you can actually start your own small business by gardening?  Business ideas for women that involve planting are called Backyard Plant Nursery.  If you have a yard in your home that is suitable for cultivation, you may consider growing plants that you can sell to your neighbors for a profitable venture.  This is perfect for female entrepreneurs who love the nature.

11. Organic Beauty Cosmetics

Ladies love organic beauty products for their skin.  So, it is only natural for organic cosmetics to be in-demand for this market.  You can research organic ingredients and procedures in creating different beauty products.
Faces Of Ony Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Homemade Organic Cosmetis


12. Make Up and Hair-styling Services

Female entrepreneurs find countless opportunities in offering make-up and hair-styling services to ladies.  You don’t really need your own salon to ace this venture, home service will do.

13. Fashion Designing and Sewing

Fashion designing is one of the most prominent business ideas for women.  If you have excellent taste for fashion and design, then this is perfect for you.  You can work from home by creating customized clothing designs.  And if you want to take this venture to a higher level, you may learn to sew as well.
Faces Of Ony Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Fashion Designing


14. Accessory Making

Do you want a low-cost stay at home job that will bring out the creative side of you?  Try creating Do-It-Yourself accessories such as: bracelets, necklaces, and hair accessories that you can start selling to your friends and colleagues.

15. Events Planning / Organizing

Events like birthday parties, debuts, and weddings mean busy work that many people just don’t want to deal with.  Take advantage of this opportunity by using your planning and coordinating skills!  You might even meet more people that you can add to your professional network.
Faces Of Ony Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Event Planning And Organizing


16. Online Buying and Reselling

Another truly profitable business to add to the list of great business ideas for women is, online buying and reselling.  This business idea is made even easier and more convenient with the help of the internet and social media.  To avoid being a victim of scammers, just be cautious in finding legitimate online shops!

17. Graphic Designing

Here is another awesome business venture for female entrepreneurs who are creative and knowledgeable with graphic editing software.  Online graphic designing jobs are ideal for women who want to work from home.

18. Freelance Writing

The internet has really made it convenient for women, especially full-time moms and single moms, to work from home.  Freelance writing is one of the most in-demand jobs on the web these days.  There are a lot of writing jobs that you can choose from i.e. content, creative, essay, business, and e-book writing among others.

19. Blogging

For women who are innate writers, blogging is one of the easiest stay at home jobs for you.  All you need is your laptop or computer, an internet connection, and your writing skills. You can practically blog about anything within your interests.  Female entrepreneurs who are also professional bloggers can prove how much money there is in blogging.
Faces Of Ony Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Women Blogging


20. Web Designing

Many companies use the internet in creating web pages for their businesses, and they hire web designers for the job.  That is where you come in to get a good side business of your own.

Starting a business is never easy.  There are a lot of challenges, risks and competitors that you need to face before you get to the top.  But the most important things in running a business are passion, determination, and perseverance in order to make it a successful one.  I hope that these business ideas for women will inspire you in starting your own venture.  Comment below as to which idea inspired you the most.

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