Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Europe
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Europe has an intricate connection with romance deep inside the hearts of many. Everyone dreams about that romantic honeymoon in Europe at least once in their lifetime. You will feel such blissful affection when you breathe in the European air once you step into its cities. The picturesque tombstones, snowy landscapes, rugged terrain, open-ended populaces; every bit of them has a part in the panoramic depiction of this heavenly place. So what places are Grade A for you to push the boat out of your nuptials to the romance epicenter of the globe? Here’s a no holds barred list of the Top 5 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in European.

1. Budapest

Budapest Honey Destination


First on our list for a romantic honeymoon in Europe is the great capital of Hungary. The Danube River, hot Jacuzzi’s, handcrafted scenery paintings, and pumping nightclubs are the key highlights of Budapest. And if you are lucky enough you’ll find yourself in the crowd gathered to witness the movie shoot of another action spy movie like Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. Budapest has much more to reveal to you when it comes to food and travel as you immerse yourself to its culture.

2. Paris

Paris Romantic Honeymoon Destination


We’ll probably get cursed if we didn’t include Paris as one of the most romantic European getaways. You and your special someone would be so lucky to be one of those millions of couples who get to marvel at the City of Lights with the River Seine traversing towards the heart of the city. The city’s classic design amps up the ambiance especially when there are monthly and weekly fashion weeks around the corner. The famous Eiffel Tower and chic French hotels are an understated art, which will definitely let you say ‘Je t’aime’ (a French phrase meaning “I love you”) to your love while sipping hot coffee.

3. Madrid

Madrid Romantic Honeymoon Destination


The spice of your love can only reach its full potential when you arrive at this most celebrated honeymoon destination in Europe. The two things that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Spain are the bullfights and roadside music, which you get to listen to at the end of every street. Madrid is for travelers who want to do it the old-school way. This destination for couples is a must-visit.

4. Vienna

Vienna Romantic Honeymoon Destination


Vienna is a city established on the horizon. The best thing about the city is that you get more than what you expect. The extravagantly narrow avenues and 24/7 love making season will make you want more of the city every time you visit it. From cafeterias basked in the sunlight to bars bathed in the moonlight, there’s so much about this honeymoon destination that all of the good memories may fill your mind to the brim.

5. Florence

Florence Romantic Honeymoon Destination


Rejuvenate yourself amidst the hills of the exquisite land of Florence. Revel in the rich Renaissance art and architecture within the walls of this city. Florence is always considered as a destination for couples. The sunset at Florence is also the most romantic in Europe. The Art of Cooking and the Cooking of Art are the two top reasons why you should spend your money here.

Europe has so much to offer when it comes to Romance and Love. From wines to chimes, from seas to lakes, from metropolis to terrain, there’s no way you’ll not miss your honeymoon when you come back home. Everything is affordable when you decide to celebrate more than scrimp. And you’ll love to pay the price even at your 50th romantic honeymoon in Europe. Every city you visit is so different from the one before that you’ll be amazed at the overwhelming diversity of Europe. So book your tickets without a fuss for your romantic European getaway. You’ll never regret doing this adventure for yourself and your loved one. Bon Voyage!

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