Top 5 Short Haircuts for Women to Make You Look Younger

Top 5 Short Haircuts for Women to Make You Look Younger
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I have seen many women and young girls who look older than they really are, mostly because of the way they style their hair and wear their makeup. This can work the other way around too, I have also seen many ladies who look 10 years younger than they actually are. So, what’s the reason? Mostly their hair! A clever haircut can easily take off 10 years and make you look youthful. Don’t believe me? Try out these haircuts to look younger instantly.

Short Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Hair Top 5 Short Haircuts For Women To Make You Look YoungerBangs can help conceal lines and creases on the forehead while giving an edge to the overall look. Lighter bangs work best for older women compared to blunt, heavy bangs. If you have a thing for short curly hairstyles then this will work perfectly for you. Side swept bangs with soft curled locks frame the face while drawing attention away from wrinkles and fine lines.


Angled BobAngled Bob Top 5 Short Haircuts For Women To Make You Look Younger2016 will be the year of bobs and they work great on women of all age and different facial shapes. It is also one of the best haircuts to look younger which is also incredibly easy to maintain. An angled bob that touches the jaw at the front and gradually shortens at the back is the best kind of bob which will make you look more vibrant and young. This haircut works with blunt bangs, side swept bangs and without bangs too.


Short Feathered Layers

eather Layers Top 5 Short Haircuts For Women To Make You Look Younger


This haircut became really popular during the early 2000’s and luckily it’s still one of the hottest hairstyles and haircuts. This short haircut can also make women look youthful and the haircut is surprisingly very low maintenance. The haircut itself is so detailed that all you’ll have to do is blow dry your hair while brushing your hair and you are good to go. When getting this haircut, be sure to tell your stylist that you need a lot of layers and angled pieces, also the length of your hair at the back should hit the middle to your neck. The shaggy look of this haircut adds volume at the crown and frames the face beautifully while covering most of the area on the forehead and the top of the ears too.

Layered Shoulder Length Haircut

Medium Layers Top 5 Short Haircuts For Women To Make You Look Younger


Layers are the best weapon for women to take a few years off their age. You can ask your stylist to cut the length of your hair so they brush right above your shoulders. The front section should have heavy layers to frame the face for a younger appearance. Also the crown should have a lot of layers to add volume naturally to the hair.
Bonus tip: Ask your stylist to give you highlights especially at the front layers that frame you face. This will add more glow, make your hair look voluminous, textured and of course this hairstyle and haircut will make you look younger.

Long Bob

Long Bob Top Short Haircuts For Women To Make You Look Younger


We saved the best for last. If you are looking for haircuts to look younger, this one’s got the best shot. There’s no doubt that long bob hairstyle is still the freshest hairstyle all around. Even celebrities are still seen flaunting this haircut. A long bob looks great on all hair color and texture too. Soft curls will make you look a lot younger while a straight lob will give you a more polished look. Ask your stylist to give you a blunt long bob that slightly touches your shoulder and gradually goes shorter at the back.

So which hairstyles and haircuts was your favorite? And which one would you try next to look younger??

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