Traveling to Cologne, Germany| My Experience

Traveling to Cologne, Germany| My Experience

As you know, I love to travel! I can pretty much travel anywhere as I do not have any reservation in exploring new places and getting to know different cultures.I believe the reason I am so in love with traveling is because I am a VERY curious person in general. Visiting different parts of the world makes me more knowledgeable and that’s how I learn something new every time I’m out exploring this beautiful world. Even though I enjoy traveling, I enjoy it slightly more if it involves visiting friends and family. The weird part is that my excitement doesn’t end when I travel; my excitement continues when I come back and share my travel experience with you guys through my travel blog. Here’s my Germany travel guide for you.


visiting sister in cologne germany-travel blog

 During my Europe tour, I added the city Cologne in my list of places I wanted to visit. My sister and her husband live in Cologne, Germany so it was the perfect opportunity to visit my sister. So I left London during my Europe tour and decided to give my sister a surprise by traveling to Cologne, Germany.  She had no idea I was coming.  I told my sister to meet a girlfriend at the hotel to collect a gift I sent for her but when she showed up, I was waiting for her there. She was so surprised to see me and I was so happy to see her too.  Moments like these, I will cherish for lifetime! After that, it was just a fun-filled trip for me.

I stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne and the entire staff helped put together the surprise I had planned for my sister!!!

 My Experience

Outside Radisson Blu Hotel Cologne
My entire experience was amazing especially because I was able to meet up with my sister! We had the time of our life together. But almost immediately, I noticed some difference in the way the men in Cologne stare. I know it sounds funny but I am really not exaggerating. It was awkward but also quite interesting….LOL… I feel that the language barrier and culture made it really difficult to get along with people in Cologne. I normally don’t have a problem getting along with new people but it was not so easy to engage with people there. But nonetheless, I sure had a lot of fun.

I was curious to see the party scene of Cologne, so we all went partying and I got to experience Germany’s famous night life. People there love to party and they don’t party without a pint of their famous beer in their hand.

Weather-wise I was a little disappointed as it was raining almost every day I had a ton of fun with my sister and her husband but coming from rainy London to rainy Cologne was a bummer.

Some of the places I visited

Cologne Cathedral (Dom)


Visiting Cologne Cathedral Dom
Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral that was built in 1248. It is Germany’s most popular and most visited landmark. The church attracts people from all around the world, on an average about 20,000 visitors per day. I had a peaceful experience visiting this cathedral.

Kolntriangle Traveling To Cologne Germany
Kölntriangle is a tall building in Cologne, Germany that was designed by DörteGatermann. It is the headquarters of the European Aviation Safety Agency.


Koelner Zoo
Koelner Zoo Cologne Traveling Cologne Germany
Koelner Zoo was amazing. It features over 7,000 animals and luckily I was able to see many different species of animals there.


Hohenzollern Bridge
Hohenzollern Bridge Cologne Traveling To Cologne Germany
Oh, the Hohenzollern Bridge view was breathtaking. It is the most famous and heavily used railway bridge in Germany.


Chocolate Museum
Chocolate Museum Traveling Cologne Germany
Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum is a chocolate museum in Cologne Germany, opened in 1993. As you can imagine, there was crazy amount of chocolate and I loved it.



The weather kept me from exploring the city the way I wanted to. There were many other places I wanted to visit. After four days of rainy Cologne, I was thrilled to pack my bags and head to ROME. Read all about my Rome experience HERE.
Thelma Okoro At Cologne Bonn Airport Heading To Rome Italy
I would love to revisit Cologne and explore other part of Germany in the future. I would like to visit Berlin, Frankfurt andMunich on my next Europe tour. Have you been to Cologne? How was your experience traveling to Cologne Germany?


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