US Travel | Best Spring Vacation Ideas for Couples

US Travel | Best Spring Vacation Ideas for Couples
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Spring vacation ideas for couples are all over the internet now that it is officially spring break.  As an adventurous traveler myself, I can say that a spring break getaway is the best thing to do when you want to shake off the winter blues.  After my European escapade in Germany, Italy, London and Paris, I decided it’s about time to explore our very own America.

When I browse the internet, I see tons of reviews about spring vacation ideas for couples, varying from affordable travel destinations to a luxurious getaway.  In my previous post, I wrote about the top 5 romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe.  Now, let us explore the best spring vacation ideas for couples here in the United States.  However, with all the beautiful things that bloggers write about when it comes to travel destinations in the US, even I find it really difficult to decide which place to choose.

To make the hunt for the perfect getaway this spring break, I have listed my top 6 choices of the best spring vacation ideas for couples within the United States.  If you are searching for affordable yet unforgettable spring vacation ideas with your beau, then you should check out the list below.


1. California

San Diego BeachTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples San Diego CaliforniaThere are countless beautiful places to visit in California that is worth traveling to during spring break.  College students and adult travelers love the Golden State because of its free-spirited and lively mood.  With its beaches, entertainment arcades, and endless parties, there is no doubt that California tops the list of the best spring vacation ideas for couples.

Where in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz & Monterey, San Diego, San Jose, Lake Tahoe

2. Arizona

Grand Canyon, Phoenix, ArizonaTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples Grand Canyon Phoenix ArizonaArizona is a well diverse state that offers plenty of activities, such as: like sun skiing in Flagstaff and the White Mountains, aquarium adventure in Tempe’s Sea Life, and hiking in the famous Oak Creek Canyon.  If you are feeling more adventurous, you can even try the Grand Canyon for an extreme outdoor trek.

Where in Arizona: Lake Havasu, Tucson, Tempe, Phoenix

3. Texas

Galveston Beach – TexasTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples Galveston Beach TexasTexas is a popular state in the United States for its pleasant weather during the spring season, not to mention the welcoming hospitality of its locals.  These two things are perfect for an adult spring break vacation to shake off the winter blues.

US travel ideas in Texas are so vast that you can choose from either and island and beach getaway in South Padre Island or an urban travel in San Antonio.

Where in Texas: Austin, Dallas, South Padre Island, Galveston Island, San Antonio

4. Tennessee

Downtown Chattanooga – TennesseeTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples Downtown Chattanooga TennesseeA spring getaway in Tennessee has so much country feel – why else would it be called the home to country music?  This is perfect for couples who love the quiet and romantic hideaways of the countryside.

Where in Tennessee: Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis,

5. New Mexico

Hiking Trail and Campsites in Sta. Cruz River – New MexicoTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples Sta. Cruz River New Mexico Hiking Trail And CampsitesNew Mexico’s Mardi Gras has built a reputation of being an ultimate spring break destination not only for university students but also for couples seeking a romantic getaway.  US travel ideas in New Mexico are not limited to beaches, you can also explore its numerous hiking trails, hot springs, and local events.

Where in New Mexico: Santa Cruz, Albuquerque, Sta. Fe, Red River

6. Colorado

Strawberry-Park-Hot-Springs – ColoradoTravel Faces Of Ony US Travel Best Spring Vacation Ideas For Couples Strawberry Park Hot Springs ColoradoColorado State is famous for its world-class destinations and spring break activities like Denver adventures and Steamboat Springs.  Aside from outdoor adventures, there are countless music festivals and boot camps for both children and adults – making Colorado a lively destination during spring.

Where in Colorado: Denver, Breckenridge, Royal Gorge Region, Steamboat Springs


Traveling and getaways should not always be too expensive.  How will you enjoy spring break and other vacations if you are worried of your expenses?  For affordable quality time with your loved one during a carefree and unforgettable escapade – explore nearby travel destinations.  Comment below and share which destination is on the top of your list.  And if I’ve missed any hidden destination treasures, please share as well!

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