Visiting Spanish Steps In Rome Italy

Visiting Spanish Steps In Rome Italy

During my Europe tour I spent the most time touring in Rome. You could say that in my entire Europe tour, visiting Italy was the best. I loved visiting Sardinia, Florence and Vatican City. One other place that I loved visiting during my tour in Rome was the Spanish Steps. Spanish Steps are steps in Rome. I always wondered what’s so special about these steps, but trust me when I saw the monumental Spanish Steps with my own eyes, I knew what was so special about it. It’s a beautiful but steep stairway of 135 steps between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinitàdei Monti church at the top. The Spanish Steps was designed by Francesco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi, both Italian architects. Spanish Steps is one of the most significant ancient history of Italy.

The best part was that the Spanish Steps was just about 2 minutes away from the hotel I stayed at. I stayed at “Hotel Splendide Royal Roma” which was a luxurious hotel situated at the heart of the city. I would definitely recommend this royal hotel to anyone planning a tour in Rome. It’s a five star hotel, situated very close to all the important and tourist places in Rome.

This place is amazing and because it was so close to my hotel, I was able to keep up with my daily exercise routine by running up and down the Spanish Steps every morning during my stay. I was lucky because when I visited Rome, the weather was excellent which made sightseeing and exploring the city all the more awesome.
Thelma Okoro At The Spanish Step Italy
The climb to the top of Spanish Steps which leads to the church was so peaceful that I didn’t mind climbing these steps every morning.Standing at the top of the Spanish Steps, you get a beautiful glance of the mesmerizing streets of Rome.
There were a few food trucks and stalls around the Spanish Steps.
Petty Food Stand By The Spanish Step
If you ever visit Rome, do expect tourists everywhere :). Rome is such a brilliant place to be that I wasn’t surprised to see the crowd. Especially at the Spanish Steps. Tourists were just sitting and chilling on the Spanish Steps. Even though it was crowded, it felt really peaceful and nice to be there.
Tourist Sitting At Spanish Step
I could see people having a good time on the Spanish Steps just like I did.
Thelma Okoro At The Spanish Step Italy
There’s a beautiful fountain at the base of the Spanish Steps. Unfortunately, during my visit the fountain was covered due to reconstruction I believe, so I missed out on seeing the fountain. During a walk around the Spanish Steps, I bumped into this Roman local artist who insisted on taking a picture with me.
Roman Local Artist Persisting I Take Picture With Him Oh Well
Here I am, without the artist :)…He did have a lovely collection of paintings and sketches.
Beautiful Day In Rome By The Spanish Step
This part of Rome is pretty busy. If you are planning a tour in Rome, this place should definitely be on your list. The experience was just fantastic.
Spanish Step Rome Italy
My amazing Europe trip couldn’t be complete without visiting the Spanish Steps. It’s a place every person should visit once. Have you ever been to the Spanish Steps in Italy? How was your experience? Share it with me in the comments below.

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