What To Do Before You Put On Makeup

What To Do Before You Put On Makeup

When it comes to makeup, people focus more on what happens while putting it on rather than what happens before. But did you know that you also need to know what to do before you put on makeup? If you’re wondering about the makeup dos and don’ts before your makeup routine, then read on as I show you the seven tips to do before you put on makeup.

What To Do Before You Put On Makeup

1.  Wash Your Face! 

Wash Your Face! Faces Of Ony

Make sure that before putting makeup on, you always wash your face with a gentle cleanser without any harsh ingredients that leave your skin dry. The products you use shouldn’t have any scent, alcohol, or parabens. Once you have the ideal product, use this and wash with warm water.

2.  Exfoliate

Exfoliate Faces Of Ony

This helps remove your dead skin cells, revealing a fresh and smooth surface to apply makeup on! Simple scrub your face in small and circular motions, then rinse it with warm water. Get a good exfoliating scrub with tiny granular particles for this!

3. Moisturize

Moisturize Faces Of Ony

You’ll have to be careful when moisturizing, as you don’t want to go overboard and to lather too much. Start off with a small amount and press the moisturizer on your face gently. This will help keep your skin fresh and soft. The pressure you use when massaging your face with fingers will help with your blood circulation, giving you a more natural glow.

4.  Spray Rose Water

Spray Rose Water Faces Of Ony

Rose water will add extra moisture to your skin, which is ideal for those who have either dry or oily ones. Mist will absorb with your moisturizer, which gives you a natural glow. It boosts your makeup when applying it!

5.  Use Primer

Use Primer Faces Of Ony

Adding primer is easy and will hide your acne scars and blemishes, giving your face a smoother look. It also reduces sweating and has your makeup last longer. It works for any skin color!

6.  Let the Moisturizer Sink In!

Let The Moisturizer Sink In Faces Of Ony

Do NOT apply your makeup immediately after putting on your moisturizer. This will have your makeup thin out and result in blotching. Wait for about two to five minutes to allow your moisturizer to absorb before adding your makeup.

7.  Put Toner With Cotton Pads

Put Toner With Cotton Pads Faces Of Ony

Remember to put toner to your face, which helps remove dirt and impurities before applying makeup. Rub it using a cotton pad all over your face.

In Conclusion
Through this makeup artist skin prep, you’ll be able to achieve a fantastic look without the worry of it clogging your pores or melting away throughout the day. These beauty tips help your skin look great without the hassle!

I hope these makeup dos and don’ts have you become more knowledgeable about what to do before you put on makeup. So don’t wait any longer and start using these beauty tips today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your beauty tips on what to do before you put on makeup, then do post your comments below. I would LOVE to hear what you’ve got to say!

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