What to Wear | Top 10 Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

I am back again, and it’s almost Christmas! I understand the pressure of prepping for parties here and there, not to mention the dilemma of choosing from countless Christmas party outfit ideas. Being the fashion geek that I am, I gathered some photos of a few of my holiday attire favorites that might inspire you guys to spice up your Christmas fashion and style. Whether you are in the midst of deciding what to wear to an office party or simple gatherings with family and friends, sit back, relax, and check out my Top 10 Christmas party outfit ideas for the chic and fab look.


1. The office staple black suit


Wearing a black suit is a minimalist yet classic way to slay a corporate Christmas party. So go on, turn that office staple into an elegant holiday attire. You can balance the masculine and the feminine look with subtle details such as: pairing palazzo pants with a nicely-fitting blazer, or going shirtless under a high-enough buttoned tux!


2. Just add glitter!



Holiday parties are fun, and so are glitters! As I personally like loud and bold fashion statements, I say don’t be afraid to wear pieces with intricate sequined patterns. You can wear this holiday attire simple with just a little bling or on full-dazzle by dressing up or down with your accessories.


3. The Little Black Dress



The little black dress is a classic fashion statement that never grows old. It is so versatile that you can wear it in many ways. But as you guys know me, I love to wear my holiday attire a little sexy, so I chose this high neck long sleeve LBD that goes elegantly with my Yves Saint Laurent belt. I also love the way my plum-plump lips added a touch of Goth to my chic look.


4. The little red dress


We all know how the color red symbolizes the Christmas season. So, if you are still undecided about what to wear to an office party, a classy red dress should be on your list of options.


5. The Winter Wonderland vibe


White holiday attire is as timeless and as elegant as a black or red outfit. They are simple and immaculate. With the right pieces and accessories, you’ll be rocking this festive fashion style without any effort at all.


6. A touch of metallic accent


Adding a touch of metallic accent to your Christmas party outfit ideas is another fun twist to make a chic embellishment to your same old fashion pieces. Make a statement of your holiday attire with this bedazzled festive outfit.


7. Bright and plaid combo


Christmas is all about a fun and vibrant mood, so don’t be afraid of adding pattern to your look! A plaid skirt topped with a brightly colored and fabulously structured top is one of the easiest holiday attire that you must try if you want to steer out of the traditional Christmas party outfit ideas.


8. The lace and leather combo


Wondering what to wear to an office party that says naughty and nice this holiday? Pair a cute white lacey blouse with a black leather mini-skirt for a polished contrast.


9. Up with a statement blazer


Not in the mood for dressing up this holiday? You can actually stick with your all-time casual and laid-back outfits without being underdressed this Christmas season. Opt for an elaborately stylish blazer or jacket to up your Christmas party outfit ideas.


10. The Santa baby


When talking about Christmas party outfit ideas, nothing beats the ‘Santa Baby’ themed holiday attire. Pick up a simple little red dress from your closet and turn it into the most appropriate Christmas party fashion statement like I did.



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