Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs
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The commerce industry is commonly known to be dominated by men and not women entrepreneurs. However, when you ask a man of his “why”, he would readily credit his hard work and continued success to a woman! This is easy to prove since women make up more than 50% of consumers and are great contributors in the trade. Women as successful entrepreneurs might not be that overly visible in the industry because even the advocates on women empowerment are not always heard. There are, however, small business sectors such as the hair industry that is largely pioneered by women entrepreneurs. Believe it or not, some people I meet still feel and react with astonishment when they find out I have a CEO designation under my cap.  Below are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way that helps the success of Women Entrepreneurship.

1. Work Hard and Step Up

Work Hard Step Up


Looking back at my past experiences, things have gotten a lot better compared to when I was just starting out. The rocky road can be smoothed out if you have an effective support system of inspiring women who support your lifestyle and beliefs regardless if you are a minority or not. Women entrepreneurs are not simply treading success without having to face any challenges – challenges which might cause you unfair judgement but in the end will give you the sweetest fruits.

The best part of being the CEO of ONYC Hair is being able to constantly balance my dreams and the needs of others properly, and that is how you measure the magnitude of your triumph. Women entrepreneurs of either large or small business should learn how to be in control of the business because being unequipped with the right decisions might hinder you towards greater opportunities.

2. Empower yourself

Empower Yourself


They say that the people you spend time with the most are the great influences of your life, which is why women entrepreneurs believe that it is important to surround yourself with inspiring women. We all know that there are some downsides when working with men so we need to strengthen our relations with women since such association shall attract men to your enterprise. Why? Because every woman at a certain point is linked to a man. If we can connect with women, we can also definitely connect with men. This is an effective way of intercepting their market with your enterprise without going against the odds.

Do you know that successful entrepreneurs build their bases on research, confidence, and relations?  I, personally, keep myself updated with the current events around the globe and equip myself with the latest market trends. If you can learn how to adapt yourself to what is happening around you, the more you can gear up your business policies ahead of others.

3.Partner with social media

Partner With Social Media


Another thing that I enjoy the most is being active on social media. Social media has undoubtedly made communication and transaction with my clients a lot easier!  I feel like I could be anywhere, which in my case is easy to decipher since my ‘anywhere’ can range from my pool side at home within the Washington Metropolitan area, to the Splendid Royal Suite in Italy where I wrote this post. Even a small business can reach the ends of the world with social media.At Santa Maria Novella Church Florence Italy As a woman entrepreneur, I try my best to be as accessible as possible. I communicate with those who follow me online, may it be a client, a friend, or just a random follower. Because I believe that being able to communicate effectively with people as an inspiring woman is how you create and spell success for women entrepreneurs.

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